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  • Save -33% PT Fusion Training Football

    Precision Training PT Fusion Training Football

    The Precision Training Fusion football is the only training football currently that has the International Match Ball Standard (IMS) stamp. It is ideal for all training situations. It uses a high air retention bladder to ensure the ball stays inflated for longer, and the Fusion seams prevent the training football from absorbing water. The Precision Training Fusion football is an official size and weight football that is available in sizes 3, 4, and 5. Match-quality football at a training ball price. There are 3 colour choices fluo orange, white/red and white/blue.

    £7.29 - £7.99

  • Save -20% PT Fusion Training Footballs 10 Ball Pack Plus Bag

    Precision Training PT Fusion Training Footballs 10 Ball Pack Plus Bag

    PT Fusion Training Footballs 10 Ball Pack with Bag Perfect for team practices and training sessions, the PT Fusion Training Footballs 10 Ball Pack includes a durable Lusum bag for easy transportation and storage. Utilize these FIFA Basic / IMS-standard balls for a stellar playing experience. Official size and weight with a natural rubber bladder FIFA BASIC (Previously International Match ball Standard (IMS)) for training use Variety in sizes (3, 4, 5) and colors (fluo orange, white/red, white/blue) Superb quality and value in one pack Interested in other colors? Contact Sports Ball Shop for availability.

    £72.99 - £79.99

  • Save -33% PT Rotario Match Football Precision Training Football Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training PT Rotario Match Football

    Experience professional gameplay with the FIFA Quality PT Rotario Match Football, a top-tier football ball designed for the ultimate football enthusiast. Crafted with a revolutionary 8-panel construction, it assures enhanced performance and durability. Empowered by advanced manufacturing technologies, the PT Rotario features an Anil Campus Vimini 1.00mm Silver textured PU outer with a Hempton embossed grain, ensuring optimal grip and a unique soft touch. Its internal layers include a high rebound 2mm EVA and a polyester combination, coupled with a 2.5mm EVA foam lining for even greater control during intense matches. Equipped with a robust thread bonded polyester butyl bladder, the PT Rotario conforms to official match weight and size regulations, making it the ball of choice for serious competitors. Available exclusively in size 5, the PT Rotario is not just a football; it's your ticket to experiencing a professional match any day, anywhere. Elevate your game with Precision Training's finest – the PT Rotario Match Football.


Precision Training Footballs
Precision Training Footballs are designed to offer exceptional performance, whilst maintaining low prices. The Precision training range consists of an indoor football, a training football and the match ball, all of which are high specification footballs designed to offer an enhanced user experience.


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