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  • Save -28% Readers County Crown Cricket Ball - Pink Or White

    Readers Readers County Crown Cricket Ball - Pink Or White

    This Readers Cricket Ball is a superb County Crown training and match-quality ball. Very popular and perfect for day/night games or for games and training sessions when light is poor. Good-value coloured Readers Cricket BallHand-stitched.Available in men, women, and youth sizes.Available in 3 colour options.


  • Save -27% Readers County Supreme Cricket Ball

    Readers Readers County Supreme Cricket Ball

    Readers have a reputation for quality and durability. The Readers County Supreme ‘A' Cricket Ball is a fine example of the quality expected of a Readers Cricket Ball. Great-quality Readers Cricket Ball. Made in Pakistan with a cork and worsted core. Hand stitched.4-piece leather construction.This Readers Cricket Ball is suitable for matches up to 50 overs.Available in Men's, Women's and Youth.


  • Save -30% Kookaburra Supreme Crown Cricket Ball

    Kookaburra Kookaburra Supreme Crown Cricket Ball

    The Kookaburra Supreme Crown cricket ball is ideal for use in good-standard league cricket for men and women. The Supreme Crown ball is a quality hand-stitched ball with a 4-layer quilted centre. The Kookaburra Cricket Ball is individually handmade and has the same 4-piece construction as any quality Kookaburra Cricket Ball. Kookaburra uses selected Indian alum-tanned leather for durability and applies wax and finish to meet English requirements. Available in red in men's 5.5oz and women's 5oz sizes.


  • Save -28% Kookaburra County Club Cricket Ball

    Kookaburra Kookaburra County Club Cricket Ball

    The Kookaburra County Club cricket ball is the best-selling cricket ball from the Kookaburra range. This ball has been tested for durability and has come through as very highly recommended. This cricket ball has the Kookaburra stamp of quality and is already proving popular with clubs and schools. Available to bulk buy to make this even better value.  This Kookaburra Cricket Ball is ideal for training or matches up to 50 overs.The ball is hand-stitched of 4-piece construction.The ball has a 3-layer quilted core.Waxed and finished to English requirements.Very durable hide cover.This great Kookaburra Cricket Ball is available in three sizes - Men, Youth, and Women size.  The County Club ball is ideal for use with youth cricketers and adult matches. This Kookaburra Cricket Ball is available in women's size and is one of the better cricket balls available for the women's game.


  • Save -25% Kookaburra County League Cricket Ball

    Kookaburra Kookaburra County League Cricket Ball

    Please select colour and size, and this County League Cricket Ball is now available in pink or white. Not everyone's budget would stretch to buy the County Match ball in pink or white, so Kookaburra has spent years in development creating a more affordable pink and white cricket ball that will be of good enough quality to be used in club, league, and school cricket. We now also have a white option in the full-sized Kookaburra Cricket Ball. The Kookaburra County League cricket ball is the result of this development and is available in three sizes:Men's - 5.5 oz.Women's - 5 oz.Youth - 4.75oz. This Kookaburra Cricket Ball has been manufactured using a quality 4-piece construction with a 3-layer quilted centre. The ball is individually handmade and finished to the English requirements. As expected, this Kookaburra Cricket Ball is hand-stitched and has a durable finish.


  • Save -26% Dukes Club Match Cricket Ball Womens 5oz

    Dukes Dukes Club Match Cricket Ball Womens 5oz

    As the appeal of women's cricket grows, so does the number of quality cricket balls available. Women's cricket balls are manufactured as 5 oz. balls, and these Duke Club match balls are available in either red or pink. The 5 oz. Dukes Cricket Ball is suitable for women and girls up to the age of 14 years old. So any girl playing under-15's cricket should use the 5 oz. balls. These are high-quality match balls that are hand-sewn and offer incredible shape retention due to their Cortex core. The Perma Anti-Scuff finish ensures this Dukes Cricket Ball will last. Incredible value for money given the quality of the Dukes Cricket Ball available. Available in Red or Pink. Due to production costs, the pink ball is slightly more expensive than the red ball, but still amazing value. These Duke Club Match balls are manufactured using the highest-quality 4-piece leather construction.

    £13.99 - £14.49

  • Save -28% Readers League Special Womens Cricket Ball

    Readers Readers League Special Womens Cricket Ball

    The Readers League Special cricket ball is designed exclusively for the women's game. This ball is used extensively throughout the country in ladies cricket and weighs 5oz. With women's cricket becoming ever more popular, this Readers Cricket Ball is set to be the market leader. A syperb match Readers Cricket Ball made with alum-tanned leather and fully hand-stitched. Made in India. Top-quality women's Readers Cricket Ball.Hand stitched.4-piece traditional construction.Ideal for ladies league and cup matches lasting in excess of 55 overs.Available in Women's sizes only.


Women's Cricket Balls
The growth of women's cricket worldwide, has led to a range of cricket balls, specific to the women's game being widely available. Leading manufacturers such as Readers and Kookaburra now have a variety of cricket balls weighing 5oz.

Gone are the days when ladies had to make do with a junior ball, as the range includes training balls, match balls and coloured balls.

The best value 5oz training ball we have available from stock is the Lusum Munifex which is ideal for use in nets, T20 and 40 over games and as a training ball outdoors. The Readers County Supreme and the Kookaburra County Club are great quality training/match balls suitable for games up to 50 overs. Their quality also lends them to be used as training balls, after use in a match.


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