BBC sports personality of the year.

BBC sports personality of the year.

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This Sunday, sees the annual, BBC sports personality of the year awards. In previous years, acusations that the winner didn't have a personality, will not be levied this year. The 10 nominated candidates are all fine sportsmen and women and surprisingly they do have a personality to match their talents. Who is going to win though? Why not predict your top three before the event. With no nominations for any Footballers this year it shows how badly they have done in 2010. The candidates are:-
  1. Tom Daley
  2. A P McCoy
  3. Phil Taylor
  4. Amy Williams
  5. Lee Westwood
  6. Mark Cavendish
  7. Graeme McDowell
  8. David Haye
  9. Jessica Ennis
  10. Graeme Swann.
It is going to be a tough decision this year with all ten having a good chance of winning but, here are my winners in reverse order 3rd........Tom Daley, 2 Gold medals in the Commonwealth games and having to cope with his fathers illness. 2nd........David Haye, he continued to be the best heavy weight boxer in the world. 1st.........Lee Westwood. Finished the year as the world number 1, successfully helped Europe win the Ryder cup and this was whilst carrying a bad leg injury that kept him out for 4 weeks. Nice guys can win. Do you agree?


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