A New Year Update at Sportsballshop

A New Year Update at Sportsballshop

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Happy new year to all of our readers. Sorry for the long break since the last post but, we had an extended Christmas due to the heavy snowfall. We are back now and really looking forward to some more great sporting action. The Ashes continues to delight us all at Sportsballshop and hope England can secure a series victory. A stunning performance, coupled with a dreadful Australian team, has made some very cold Winter nights a lot more bearable. We have decided to stop the Performance of the week awards as we were spending so much time going through nominations, we felt our time could be used in better ways for our customers and readers. We may introduce a monthly or quarterly award soon. Due to the bad weather our training schedules have been blown apart for the Sportsballshop 10K challenge. My own training restarted yesterday but, i am now 4 weeks behind and have had to go back to the begining. Yesterdays run consisted of a 3k run and then off for a swim. Sadly i forgot it was a bank holiday and the swimming pool was closed. I felt better for thinking about training though. New stocks arrive everyday. New Tennis stocks from Slazenger, new Cricket ranges from Willostix and more Hockey balls have arrived too. It is a great business to be involved in and we are all looking forward to the weather warming up so we can really enjoy our sport again. We are also eagerly awaiting delivery of the all new K5-IKF Korfball, which due in anyday soon. A lot of hype and expectation surrounds this new development for Korfball.


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