The England Football Team, A Poppy And The Simple Solution

The England Football Team, A Poppy And The Simple Solution

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The English football team and The FA are campaigning Fifa, for the right to wear a remembrance poppy, on their shirts, for this weekends match vSpain. It would appear that Fifa will not budge from their rules, which state : 'International shirts shall not carry any political, religious or commercial messages'. They are fearful that if they allow England to have embroidered poppies upon their shirts, it would open the door to other initiatives from all over the world. This they claim would jeopardise the neutrality of football. They have allowed England and it's supporters the chance to show their respect to Britain's fallen heroes, with a minutes silence prior to the game. A poppy wreath will also be laid on the pitch before the match. This is a small consesion by Fifa and has been accepted by The FA. There is another solution that would not infringe upon Fifa's rules and allow the English players to wear the poppy upon their kit. They could have one embroidered upon their shorts or socks. This would be a simple solution and allow The FA to bend the rules but not break them. A simple solution which has been checked to conform with Fifa's regulations but incredibly thought up by a genius. Who was this genius? My 15 year old daughter. She will go far. Footballs governing body should give her a call to see if she can fix any other problems within the game.


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