Incredible It's The All New Incrediball

Incredible It's The All New Incrediball

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We all know how popular the Easton Incrediball is. There are many copycat safety training cricket balls on the market but, none are as good as the Incrediball. The Incrediball was the original soft training ball that's appearance resembled a cricket ball but, had a soft plastic skin and a soft core. It was designed to build confidence in junior cricketers. It has been the market leader for many years and it's quality is unsurpassed. So, it is indeed very surprising to hear that Easton and to withdraw from the cricket market. We assume this is to concentrate on their core markets of baseball and cycling. So what is to become of the Incrediball, will market share now be swallowed up by the Readers Supaball and the Kookaburra Softaball. We suspect not, although very good soft training balls, the Incrediball is to continue. The ball will be re-branded and will continue to be the market leader. We have heard it is to be called the Aeroball and is to be part of the Aero stable of cricket products. Aero's reputation within the cricket market is growing at a staggering rate and with the addition of the Aeroball to the range, we see no reason why this will stop. The ball will be branded as the Aeroball but will still be of the same high quality and have similar packaging.


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