No Gun Rule Implimented

No Gun Rule Implimented

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It is with regret that we at Sports Ball Shop, have had to implement a new rule for our staff to abide by. We have become very concerned about the types of objects our team members are bringing in, to show their colleagues and feel it is time to stop this nonsense, before someone or something gets damaged or hurt.

Since Christmas, our IT department, have been showing off the latest gadgets, to show they are the most tech savvy guy in the office. Our sales team then decided, they would follow suit. Now our warehouse team have got in on the act and time has come to end this practise now.

It was ok, when it started, with the latest mobile phone application, this then developed into the latest mobile phone. Then on to the first iPad to come into the office....then the most powerful iPad. One guy had the very latest football training boots, that had a place for his bluetooth MP3 player to sit. Last week we had our first hand held TV.

Now i don't want to spoil peoples fun but, we are here to work and we all benefit financially if we do well. The time spent on showing off these items detracts away from the job in hand and then encourages our team to find the next must have item. So why stop it now........yesterday i spotted Adam from our warehouse searching for air rifles on the web, if he buys one, he may wish to bring it into work and then god knows what damage could be done. I don't understand why anyone, who doesn't use a rifle in their everyday job, would actually take a rifle to their place of work but, stranger things have happened. Imagine, if while showing it to a colleague, it accidentally went off and slightly injured someone. What course of action would I then be forced to take? Surely a suspension or even a dismissal would be the only way of treating this serious offence.

If you are the boss of a company where this has happened at your work place, how did you handle it?


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