Should you give room to cyclists on the road?

Should you give room to cyclists on the road?

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Should you give room to cyclists on the road? Millions of pounds have been spent by local authorities, planning, implementing, painting and maintaining cycle paths across the country but, how many of them are actually used. Many a time I drive on roads in our local town, which have been narrowed to accommodate cycle lanes on both sides of the road. This makes overtaking a hazard even on normal width roads, without encroaching into the cycle lane. Obviously, when cyclists are present, as a responsible driver, you would wait to overtake, to ensure it was safe for the cyclist and other road users. What about when there is a cycle track beside the road or if half of the path, has been designated as a cycle track. Now if you go to overtake the cyclist and he is causing a hold up in the road, what do you do? Do you give him the same amount of room or wind down your window and gently remind him, that the cycle path exists, for his benefit and safety? Why would anyone riding a bicycle want to put themselves at risk when a safe option exists. How often have you seen a cyclist squeezed off the road by a bus or lorry, when there is a facility running parallel to the road? It winds me up but, what can the motorist do about it? How about we drive on the under used cycle tracks and ensure cyclists are able to use the roads safely. This blog was written by Adam who works for Sportballshop, in our IT department. A keen sportsman, currently playing Tennis and Korfball, who is also cycling into work every day this month in an attempt to get fitter for the cricket season.


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