Introducing the new Mikasa K5-IKF Korfball...

Introducing the new Mikasa K5-IKF Korfball...

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Following months of anticipation from korfball enthusiasts and players, Sports Ball Shop are pleased to announce that we have received the new Mikasa K5-IKF Korfball in stock today. This attractive new korfball has already proved to be extremely popular for us, with vast amounts of people pre-ordering the ball before we could even acquire stock. The K5-IKF Korfball is the latest in a long line of pioneering balls to be introduced by Mikasa, with this model offering an improved exterior build, a new unique design, enhanced grip and increased visibility. These improvements are likely to further intensify the popularity of this ball, which has been manufactured to meet the IKF requirements and standards. The new Mikasa K5-IKF Korfball will be used in all official IKF korfball matches, competitions and tournaments from now on. If you would like to order this hugely impressive new korfball, please click on the link below. Mikasa K5-IKF Korfball


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