The Verdict On The Pakistan 3

The Verdict On The Pakistan 3

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The verdict on the Pakistan 3 is at last in and contrary to popular belief, the ICC have handed out stiff sentences. Michael Beloff QC, chairman of the 3 man anti corruption tribunal, found all three player, guilty of spot fixing, in relation to no balls at the Lords test match v England last Summer. Salman Butt was banned for 10 years, with 5 of them suspended. Another charge relating to agreeing to play out a maiden over was dismissed but, failing to inform the authorities of this approach was proven. Mohammad Asif received 7 years with 2 years suspended and 18 year old Mohammad Amir, received 5 years. Some thought the ICC would find a reason to find these players not guilty but, how refreshing to see the ICC taking a stance against corruption in the game. However, it must be noted that the 5 year sentences are the minimum that could have been handed out for this offence. All three players have been invited to assist the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in their efforts, to educate future players against the perils of corruption. With an appeal likely, it would be nice to think if these players are genuinely guilty, the ICC do not consider reducing the sentences handed out last Saturday. For years, there have been rumours of betting irregularities and accusations against certain players but, nothing has been proven. If this case is to hold any credibility, then the original sentences must be allowed to stand, unless new evidence comes to light, proving otherwise. One further development last Friday, Scotland Yard have announced the three players and their agent, Mazhar Majeed, will face criminal charges in British courts later this month. A bad weekend for cricket? On the contrary, the ICC is at last stamping its authority and must continue to drive out corrupt individuals, from the game. I see this weekend as a landmark and the ICC should be applauded on their decision.


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