What to do about KP and the England one day team?

What to do about KP and the England one day team?

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Given the problems that Kevin Pietersen has caused or encountered over the past few years, it would be no surprise to see him walk away from the England set up this year. However, i feel England will be better off working out a role that can get KP playing to his best and England winning again.

It is widely rumoured that England Captain Alistair Cook will be standing down from one day cricket upon his return to Blighty. Not a huge shock, given his failure this winter with the bat, why would he continue to put himself through the pain. In past years there has always been a replacement, within the squad, that would be ready to take over. Having had such a bad winter Ashes series, players are looking to retire and cash in on past success, rather than extend their careers and help England regain their place at the top of world rankings.

From the current crop of players it would only be Ian Bell and Eoin Morgan, that would command a seat in the interview process. I don't believe either man would be right to lead England over the next 2 to 3 years. However, if Morgan continues to be as dominant in one day cricket he could well be England skipper come 2016.

KP has a natural talent that can win matches on any given day. His talent is unquestioned, his ability to turn games around with the most outrageous shots, puts bums on seats. Just like Chris Gayle, fans love to watch him. It is also extremely frustrating when they get out cheaply or play a lose shot to throw away a game when in a winning position but, that is the make up of the player. Percentage shots do not make the man and that is why we love to watch them.

England need a leader and someone that can drag players with him. KP is that man. He did have a go a few years back before having to resign because of a major fall out with coach Peter Moores but, there were signs that both men, had started to turn England's fortunes around. KP could command huge sums of money on the T20 circuit but, England should employ him as the next one day England captain. A breath of fresh air would sweep through the corridors of English cricket and England could become world beaters once again


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