• Cricket

    Which Test Venues Are Best For Cricket?

    Which Venue's Host Test Match Cricket In England and Wales? Which Test Venues Are Best For Cricket? I was asked to book tickets to an...

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  • World's Largest Cricket Stadiums

    Top 10 Cricket Grounds By Capacity In UK

    Which Cricket Grounds Hold The Largest Capacity In The UK? The UK's top 10 cricket grounds by capacity are used by professional clubs within the...

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  • How To Knock In A Cricket Bat

    How To Knock In A Cricket Bat

    When you buy a new cricket bat, you need to ensure it is fully prepared before you use it in a game. For a cricketer...

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  • cricket bowler

    No Masking It: A successful cricket initiative

    We heard various stories during lockdown of great work being done by individuals, teams and clubs to provide a much-needed boost to people. A lot...

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  • The Masked Cricketer

    Proof Anyone Can Make it in Professional Sport

    Just when you thought 2020 could not get even more bizarre, an unlikely new role model emerges to give everyone hope. Many sportspeople will be...

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  • Club Cricketers Look Forward to Return To Action This Weekend

    Coronavirus Update: Cricket's Back - And Not Before Time..

    This weekend will see club cricketers finally get back in the middle after a frustrating summer. However, looking at the long list of guidelines set...

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  • playing grassroots football

    Coronavirus Update: Is my child safe to play sport again?

    With the gradual lifting of restrictions put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, some sort of normality is starting to return to our lives....

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  • How To Be A Good Sports Coach

    How To Be A Good Sports Coach

    10 Skills To Make A Good Sports Coach I have been lucky enough to coach a few junior teams across 4 sports over the past...

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  • Is The Hand Held Rebounder The Best Coaching Tool?

    Is The Hand Held Rebounder The Best Coaching Tool?

    Have You Tried Using The Hand Held Rebounder In Your Sessions? How Can Coaches Become Better Coaches? As coaches we all try to make our...

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  • Lusum Agility Kit

    If It Doesn't Work, Change How You Train!

    If your performance during matches aren't what you hope for then maybe your training schedule might need tweaking or changing. If it isn't working then...

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  • Collapsible Cones

    Lusum Further Expand Their Product Range

    It is no secret that we at Sportsballshop are the exclusive retailer for the Lusum range of products. We love the quality of the equipment...

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  • Try The Latest 2KaDay Challenge 2019

    Try The Latest 2KaDay Challenge 2019

    If you are a regular reader of our blog, you will know we love a challenge. In the past we have trained for a 10k...

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