Getting The Most Out Of Sports Club Sponsorship

Getting The Most Out Of Sports Club Sponsorship

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Sports clubs are finding it is increasingly difficult to sign up new sponsors. With the economic climate as it is, the chances of finding local or national businesses with money to spend, are few and far between. You may already have sponsors, on board and you may be better served in building the relationship with them, further. If you are trying to get new or retain old sponsors, give a thought into why they should be involved with your club. Why not the club down the road? What benefits do your club offer to the sponsors? Before pursuing new deals, have a look at your existing ones and look at it from the sponsors perspective. Are THEY getting value for money? Whether your club is involved in netball, football, rugby, cricket or any other sport, it is important to interact with the sponsor. Our local cricket club has just signed a new deal for Tiffins Tandori to become the main sponsor, for the next 3 years. The club get a 4 figure sum paid each year of the deal, so benefit from a cash injection and towards the huge costs of running a cricket club. Our sponsorship committee didn't stop there though. They also asked one vital question.......What can we do for our sponsor? Out the outset it was agreed to have the Tiffins logo on the front of match shirts. It was also agreed to provide 2 advertising boards, at the ground and a weblink from the home page of the clubs website. It didn't stop there though. The club asked the restaurant to provide food for the May bank holiday sponsored walk. Tiffins agreed to provide a buffet style menu and will charge a nominal amount to cover costs. Win/Win for both parties so far. Next, Tiffins came back to offer all members 20% off all food from the restaurant, eat in or take away. The club emailed this offer to all members and Tiffins foot fall has increased dramatically. They have now agreed to fund a trophy for the new 6 a side tournament in June. So you see how a relationship can develop. Tiffins are extremely happy with the deal as are Abingdon Vale Cricket Club. Now the club must ensure they give maximum exposure to their main sponsor to help when renegotiating the contract in 3 years time. So you see, by nurturing a relationship with local companies can reap huge rewards for your club. It also helps when talking to other sponsors as you have a proven track record and can show it is not a one way deal. Finally, last week, AVCC went to the restaurant and presented the owner with a brand new match shirt, which they will get framed and hang just inside the entrance.


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