Sportsballshop - Predictions for 2015 review

Sportsballshop - Predictions for 2015 review

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7 months of 2015 gone, we thought it was worth assessing how our predictions for 2015 are progressing so far.

7 months of 2015 gone, we thought it was worth assessing how our predictions for 2015 are progressing so far.
  1. 2015 William Hill World Darts Championship - Gary Anderson won, no one predicted this.
  2. 2015 FA Cup Winners - Arsenal had a comfortable victory and again no one predicted this. Doing well so far.
  3. 2015 University Boat Race - Only 2 teams in this one so it was easier to predict the winner. Oxford won and everyone predicted this but they won by 6 1/2 lengths and the closest was John who predicted 6 lengths, no extra point given though.
  4. 2015 Rugby World Cup - 3 selected New Zealand and 1 went for South Africa, can wait for it to start.
  5. 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup - 3 people predicted Australia would win the ICC world Cup.
  6. 2015 F1 Championship - It looks like a straight fight between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg so all in with a shout still
  7. 2015 Barclays Premier League - 3 selected Chelsea to win the Premier League with only Matt missing out on the point.
  8. 2015 UEFA Champions League - Barcelona beat Juventus 3 - 1 no one predicted this
  9. 2015 General Election - Winning party and how many seats the gain A big shock with the Conservatives gaining an overall majority of 331. 3 selected the Tories a win but the closest was Stuart with 310 seats
  10. Finally Predict the highs and lows of the FTSE 100 share index - With the economy on a knife edge, the stock market has proven to be quite volatile in 2015, as predicted. However no one is in or out of this one yet. Current low of 6182 and a high of 7103 has been met this year so far.
The tie break is a tough one but we can confidently predict that Rory Mcilroy will not be winning the BBC Sports Personality this year. So with 3 events to go the standings are as follows Stu - 4 Joe - 4 John - 3 Matt - 2


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