Mitre Launch New Generation Footballs

Mitre Launch New Generation Footballs

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Mitre though have launched a range, which uses brand new technology called HYPERSEAM. In the past companies including Mitre have tried to produce a ball using sealed seam, rather than stitched. Now Mitre have succeeded and have added the FIFA approved Mitre Manto to the range for 2015.

There are many types of football available to the discerning player, coach and manager. Training balls, match balls and professional balls which each claiming to improve performance and control. Some balls are better than others but we are sure most players couldn't tell too much difference from a £8 ball to a £15 ball. Mitre though have launched a range, which uses a brand new technology called HYPERSEAM. In the past companies including Mitre have tried to produce a ball using sealed seams, rather than stitched. They produced a good ball but the main problem was they had to ship the ball almost fully inflated, which mean't the ball was too expensive for retail. They have now come up with a system that uses the best of both construction methods. The new Hyperseam range will have panels joined together with high tension machine stitches and PU sealed seams. The result is a ball that plays better, lasts longer and moves faster. Also important, the cost of the ball is vastly reduced due to the combined manufacturing techniques, this allows the ball to be partially deflated prior to shipping from the Far East. Mitre Manto V12S Football Size 5 At present Mitre have this design in only one main stream football the Mitre Manto V12S but, we have it on good authority this will be expanded across the range for 2016. The size 5 Manto ball is FIFA inspected and uses a 12 panel construction. The ball is low maintenance and is suitable for use on any surface and in all weather conditions. The size 4 ball is built to the same exacting standards but Mitre have not asked for the ball to be FIFA inspected due to the additional costs. Mitre do have 2 other balls in the specialist ball market, using the Hyperseam technology - Mitre Astro Division and Mitre Pro Futsal. The Mitre Manto V12S football is available from Sportsballshop @ around £21.99 for one ball with bulk buy discounts available.


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