Step Forward The Real MCC

Step Forward The Real MCC

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Who are the MCC? The Marylebone Cricket Club is the oldest cricket club in the world, having been formed in 1787. The MCC play more games than any other club, in excess of 500 per season and is also responsible for the laws of the game. They also promote the game throughout the world and try to promote the true spirit of the game. The MCC Logo Last Friday they put out 11 sides that played across the country. Playing clubs and schools to assist in fundraising events or just playing regular fixtures. It is considered a real honour to gain a fixture against the MCC. There are varying levels of membership to become part of the MCC from playing member to full member. To become a playing member you must play a good standard of cricket and play in your clubs 1st 11, the subscription is less than full membership. You must play a minimum of 10 games per year, after 2 years you can apply to become a full member however, there is an 18 year waiting list to join the ranks as a full MCC member. There is another MCC though. Our club hold caravan rallies to bring much needed revenue to assist in the operation of the cricket club. Last year we were granted an MCC fixture to commemorate 150 years of cricket in Abingdon. This game was a complete wash out and so, we were granted another fixture this year. A few weeks later we received a phone call from a gentleman inquiring about the 'MCC event'. Our club member Graham, informed him he had missed it as it was 2 weeks earlier. The caller did insist it was this coming weekend so, Graham checked with the coaches outside. He then told the caller he was correct and he had infact missed the game, when the caller informed him he was the MCC!!! Graham was shocked to learn that MCC stood for the Motorized Caravan Club, not at a cricket club it doesn't.


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