• playing football

    Premier League Stadium Capacity 2021/22

    What are the current Premier League Stadium capacities? Every year the list of teams in the English Premier League changes following promotion and relegations from...

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  • playing grassroots football

    Coronavirus Update: Is my child safe to play sport again?

    With the gradual lifting of restrictions put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, some sort of normality is starting to return to our lives....

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  • Premier League Stadium Capacity

    What Is The Premier League Stadium Capacity 2019/20 - For Every Club

    What Are The Current Premier League Stadium Capacity By Each Club? The football clubs playing in the FA Premier League in season 2019/20 had the...

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  • Premier League New Branding and Fixtures 2016/17

    Premier League New Branding and Fixtures 2016/17

    Mid way through the Euro tournament seems an odd time to announce the fixture list for the 2016/17 season of the Premier League. But they...

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  • The Also Rans Of The Premiership

    The Also Rans Of The Premiership

    Who would have thought by mid November we would be talking about so many teams already out of contention for the Premiership title. Look at...

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