• Lusum Agility Kit

    If It Doesn't Work, Change How You Train!

    If your performance during matches aren't what you hope for then maybe your training schedule might need tweaking or changing. If it isn't working then...

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  • Living The Dream

    The Adam Stansfield Foundation

    We get inundated with requests everyday to support fundraising and charity events. The majority of these are run by volunteers and a great credit to...

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  • Lusum Agility Kit

    Why Buying An Agility Kit For Your Club Makes Sense.

    We have talked at length about how clubs are financially hard up with many going to the wall, as funding dries up and membership declines....

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  • Is There a Squash Ball Suitable For Use By Visually Impaired Players

    Is There a Squash Ball Suitable For Use By Visually Impaired Players

    We were contacted by the Manager of British Blind Sport yesterday, asking if there was a ball suitable for use, by a player who has...

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  • Keeping Your Fielders Interested

    Keeping Your Fielders Interested

    We have talked at length on how you can motivate your fielding team, when playing cricket but, here we take a slightly different angle. We...

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  • 3 point training plan.

    3 point training plan.

    We were talking in the office this week, about our training plans, for the new year. We all agreed, it is important to attend training...

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