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If It Doesn't Work, Change How You Train!

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If your performance during matches aren't what you hope for then maybe your training schedule might need tweaking or changing. If it isn't working then change how you train.

Am I wasting My Time Training?

How many of us attend training sessions each week but don't see any improvement in performance? Do you continually work on the same set of skills and find it isn't working? If It Doesn't Work, then you might need to change the way you train.

I mention this as the cricket team I play in have had a dreadful season. In fact we have only had one victory to our name. Most weeks our batting fails and to be honest our bowling isn't much better. We turn up to training week after week and go through the same drills and skill sets. But, so far sadly there are no sign of things improving.

It is true that if you practise a skill for 10,000 hours you should master that skill. However if you are going through the motions or not applying the correct techniques then you may be doing more harm than good. For us we clearly need to do something different to have any chance of avoiding relegation.

Cricket Training
Are you training to the best of your ability?

We have batted the allocated overs just twice this season. Obviously this is one area we should be looking to improve. Value your wicket and bat time by mentally applying oneself could be a way of getting out of this rut. This weekend we came up against a very good bowling attack. We quickly found ourselves 4 wickets down with only 2 runs on the board. The next batters coming in were under intense pressure but did try to bat the overs. However the top 4 had clearly let them down and left them too much to do. We were eventually bowled out for 49 runs, embarrassing as the game lasted less than 90 minutes

Lusum Agility Training Kit
If It Doesn't Work, Do You Change Your Training To Improve?

So, at training this week what can we do differently? Maybe batting in the net should try to replicate the early overs of the game. Making survival the key part of training. However, we also need to try to keep the scoreboard ticking over. So rotation of the strike should also be key. Try to make the scenario when batting in nets similar to you get in a match. I see so many players turn up and blast their way through 20 minutes of nets. Then on Saturday play a completely different and less positive way.

As you are making the effort to attend, you really should make it worthwhile. If what you practise isn't helping during games, then change what you practise. Talk to your coach or captain to find ways to improve your skill set so they can be successfully applied this weekend. It may be mental or physical changes that are needed but change is definitely required. This article is cricket based but applies to all sporting activities.


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