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  • Save -39% 1 Dozen Lusum Rounders Balls By Sports Ball Shop

    Lusum 1 Dozen Lusum Rounders Balls

    Sports clubs, social clubs and schools have requested we sell the Lusum rounders balls in a bulk buy pack, so we have created this pack of 1 dozen Lusum rounders balls. These hand stitched rounders balls are durable with a leather outer layer.  Buy this pack and receive 12 Lusum rounders balls.


  • Save -18% 10 x Lusum Munifex Rubber Basketballs and a Bag

    Lusum 10 x Lusum Munifex Rubber Basketballs and a Bag

    This 10-ball basketball combo of Lusum Munifex Rubber Basketballs includes 10 basketballs and a Lusum Breathable Ball Bag. The balls are already proving popular with schools and clubs, but they also make excellent, durable street basketball for use at home. The 8-panel basketball is manufactured to the highest specs and has a stunning red, white, and blue design. Premium rubber construction for superior durabilityDeep pebble pattern and improved channels for optimum grip and controlButyl bladder to maintain optimal ball pressure and shape retentionSuitable for use on all surfaces and abilitiesAvailable in sizes 5, 6, and 7Includes 10 balls and a Lusum breathable ball bag.


  • Save -13% 10 x Lusum Optio Basketballs and Bag

    Lusum 10 x Lusum Optio Leather Basketballs and Bag

    This basketball combo of 10 Lusum Optio Leather Basketballs comes with a heavy-duty ball bag too. The bag is capable of holding up to 10 fully inflated size 5 basketballs and has a shoulder strap to carry and a drawstring closure to keep the balls in the bag during transportation. The Optio basketballs have a PU leather outer and are available in sizes 5, 6, and 7. The Lusum basketballs are suitable for use indoors and outdoors on any surface.This pack of 10 basketballs is an ideal purchase for schools and clubs playing on a budget. This basketball combo includes:10 x Lusum Optio Basketballs1 x Lusum Heavy Duty Breathable Ball BagOptimal PU Leather coverAll surface useHigh-quality butyl bladderHeavy-duty ball bag Available in sizes 5, 6, and 7.


  • Save -19% Buy 10 x Lusum Optio Netballs and Bag | Sports Ball Shop

    Lusum 10 x Lusum Optio Netballs and Bag

    10 x Lusum Optio Netballs and Bag The Lusum Optio netball set is a top choice for educational institutions and sports clubs seeking high-quality equipment at an honest price. This premium netball package ensures your team is well-equipped for practice and matches. Netballs are industry-standard sizes 4 and 5, catering to a range of age groups and levels. Same high-quality materials and craftsmanship as leading brands without the expensive marketing markups. Three-layer lamination with cotton canvas and polyester viscose for durability and performance. Includes a hi-tech bladder for optimal air retention and consistent bounce. The value pack contains 10 Lusum Optio netballs and a robust Lusum breathable heavy duty netball bag for easy transport and storage. Equip your team with the Lusum Optio netballs and witness the improvement in their game. Secure this unbeatable deal exclusively at the Sports Ball Shop today!


  • Save -23% Premium Lusum Optio Netball Team Pack with Bag & Bibs

    Lusum 10 x Lusum Optio Netballs with a Bag and Netball Bibs

    This essential Lusum Optio netball pack is perfect for school and club teams, including 10 match-grade netballs, a sturdy ball bag, and 7 professional netball bibs in two color options and sizes.


  • Save -38% Buy Lusum 225mm Collapsible Safety Cones - Sports Ball Shop

    Lusum 12 x Lusum 225mm Collapsible Safety Cones

    Premium Quality: The Lusum Collapsible Safety Cones are a blend of durability and safety. Made to endure any sport and any weather while ensuring player safety.Versatile & Durable: Comes in a handy 12-pack with 3 colors, and boasts a stable and heavy build. Ideal for sports, parking, and even motorcycle training.Safety First: The collapsible design prevents injury, making it a smart choice for any active setting. Adaptable with ground securing options for a reliable setup.


  • Save -14% 3 x Lusum Optio Basketballs Plus Tubular Bag

    Lusum 3 x Lusum Optio Basketballs Plus Tubular Bag

    This is one of the most cost-effective ways to purchase the Lusum Optio Outdoor Basketball, as this pack includes three high-quality PU Leather basketballs and a Lusum Tubular ball bag. The bag is capable of holding up to three fully inflated size 7 basketballs. The balls have been manufactured to the highest standards, and due to their durable outer surface, they can be used indoors or outdoors. The inner is constructed with a nylon-wound butyl bladder, which retains air for longer and is the highest quality bladder available. This basketball combo is available in sizes 5, 6, and 7. Optimal PU Leather coverAll surface useHigh-quality butyl bladderHeavy-duty tubular ball bag


  • Save -59% 30 x Lusum Rugby Training Balls and Bags

    Lusum 30 x Lusum Rugby Training Balls and Bags

    Due to popular demand, we have now created a great-value club bulk rugby balls pack containing 10 x size 3, 10 x size 4, and 10 x size 5 Lusum Munifex Rugby Training Balls and 3 x Mesh ball sacks. These balls are one of the highest-spec training rugby balls available today, and this combination ensures your club saves even more. The balls are all 3-ply polyester and cotton, with a high air retention bladder. Most training balls in this price range are only 2-ply and will not last as long as the Lusum Munifex balls. The outer has the durable Max Gain grip configuration and ensures the balls are just as good in wet or dry weather. Each size is colour-coded to allow the coach to easily identify their own age group rugby balls. Size 3 - Red/Navy Size 4 - Green/Navy Size 5 - Blue/Navy Give them a try, you will not be disappointed with their durability and quality.


  • Save -40% 4 Dozen Lusum Rounders Balls with Lusum bag

    Lusum 4 Dozen Lusum Rounders Balls with Lusum bag

    When organising a school or large group of rounders players, a lack of equipment can often be a problem. With this handy 4-dozen pack of Lusum rounders balls, complete with a heavy-duty, breathable Lusum ball bag, this should no longer be an issue. The leather rounders balls are hand stitched and are extremely durable. Weighing 76 g and measuring 8" in circumference, it contains 48 Lusum rounders balls and a Lusum ball bag.


  • Save -32% Buy 48 x Lusum Dimple Hockey Training Balls with Ball Bag

    Lusum 48 x Lusum Dimple Training Hockey Balls and Ball Bag

    Quality Training Pack: This exclusive offer features 48 Lusum Dimple hockey training balls designed for endurance and performance, ideal for clubs or schools. Convenient Storage: Included is a robust, Breathable Lusum hockey ball bag (design may vary) that comfortably holds all 48 balls. Versatile Colour Choices: Customize your pack with either 24 white and 24 orange, 48 all white, or 48 all orange balls to suit your training needs. Note: Cones are not included but are available for separate purchase. Ball color preference can be indicated at the time of order.


  • Save -22% Double Strength Dog Tennis Balls

    Lusum Double Strength Dog Tennis Balls

    We often get asked for tennis balls suitable for cricket, which are heavier than a standard tennis ball. These tennis balls are durable, ideal for cricket practice, and weigh 131g. Having said that, the dog-loving coaches that have purchased them have adopted these balls as the tennis ball of choice for their dogs. They are more durable than a standard tennis ball, as the wall thickness is almost three times thicker. They are bouncier than a standard tennis ball too, giving your players and dogs more challenging sessions of fetch (in the case of the dog). The Pack of 20 Dog Tennis Balls now comes with a bag to store the balls. The balls are fully tested and non-toxic, so they are safe for your pet, and they fit most makes of standard-sized dog ball throwers. As they are slightly heavier, your throwing technique may need to change slightly, but that is a small price to pay for an incredibly durable dog ball. As they have been fully tested, you can be happy that your dog will not be exposed to harmful toxins. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor play and have a highly durable felt on the outer surface. We recently had feedback suggesting the amount of plastic was excessive. The comments were valid, and we have now removed most of the plastic packaging from this product. Where each ball was previously in its own individual bag, this plastic bag has now been removed. Thank you to those of you who took the time to comment. The Dog Tennis Balls are available to buy in any quantity you like, but the more you buy, the cheaper they become per ball. A single ball is £2.19 each, but if you order a 20-ball pack @ £17 per pack, they then work out at 85p per ball. These Dog Tennis Balls measure 65mm which is the same diameter as a standard tennis ball. As you can see from the photos, Archie (Border Collie) and Mitzi (English Springer Spaniel) loved them too. The reviews we have been getting on Amazon for these dog balls have been incredible. Dogs (including a Doberman) that have destroyed balls within minutes are still using the first ball that was purchased months ago. Try them, and you won't be disappointed...neither will your dog.

    £2.19 - £17.00


    Lusum Lusum 10 Ball Breathable Heavy Duty Ball Bag

    This Lusum 10 ball breathable ball bag is constructed using the best grade materials, for improved durability. The bag is capable of holding 10 fully inflated size 5 balls. The bag has a drawstring closure to retain the balls in the bag. It also has a fully adjustable, 40mm wide shoulder strap for ease of transport. The Lusum ball bag is ideal for use with any sport and has a riveted drain hole in the base of the bag to allow any surplus water to drain from the bag. The 4 mesh side panels allow the balls to fully dry whilst being stored. Note this bag will also hold up to 8 fully inflated size 7 basketballs.



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