How To Tell If You Have A Fake Basketball?

How To Tell If You Have A Fake Basketball?

When buying from leading basketball retailers like Sportsballshop you are safe in the knowledge that they buy direct from the brands distributor so the ball will always be a genuine ball. Thankfully, we have never had a situation where a ball turns out to be fake.

However, if you buy basketballs from a re-seller on auction sites or from outside of the UK, how can you tell if the ball you have in real or a fake. We were lucky enough to be sent a fake from a customer who had purchased a ball in Europe and thought it looked odd. This ball was a Molten BGM5X ball and when checked by Molten in the UK, was confirmed to be a fake basketball.

It was obvious when pointed out to me but at 1st glance the ball looked ok. However when I went through the checks Molten had provided it was obvious this ball was indeed a fake ball. On a genuine Molten BGM5X basketball the quality of the cut of cloth to the seems is to a very high standard but this isn’t the only difference

  • On a genuine ball the barcode is printed on and not embossed
  • On a genuine ball the date range for the FIBA approval is printed on and not embossed
  • On a genuine ball the @FIBA branding is printed and not embossed
  • On a genuine ball the text showing the country of manufacture and PSI information, around the valve is printed and not embossed
  • As mentioned the quality of cut where the cloth meets the channels is to a high standard and all edges are also glued, on a fake the cut is poor and some edges don’t even have glue holding them down.
  • The way the pebbles are positioned are also a tell tell sign too

If you think you may have purchased a fake basketball contact the manufacturer within your country and send them photo’s or a video of the suspect ball. Also take note of the barcode too as this number is often not the correct barcode.

I created a useful video to show you the difference between a genuine and a fake basketball

If you have any comments please leave them in the comments box below or on the Youtube channel and I will try to respond. If you know of other reasons why the ball could be a fake let me know.


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