Cricket Ball Size

What size cricket ball should I be using?

What Size Cricket Balls Are There?

How many different size cricket balls are used at your nets and do you know what size cricket ball to use? Cricket nets tend to take place during the off season. Normally in the 3 months before the season starts. Additionally we have a mix of men, women and youth team players at these nets.

I was recently asked what size cricket ball players should be bowling with. I thought i knew but couldn’t explain what size (circumference) the ball should be as cricketers only seem to refer to size by weight alone.

What Are The Official Rules On Cricket Ball Sizes?

The official law 5 on Cricket Balls, state the following sizes:-

Mens Cricket. 5 ½ ounces to 5 ¾ ounces. It should also measure between 22.4cm and 22.9cm in circumference. The ball used in adult cricket is 5 1/2 oz which is 156g

Women’s Cricket 4 15/16 ounces to 5 1/16 ounces. It should measure between 21cm and 22.5cm in circumference. The ball used in women’s cricket is 5 oz which is 142g

Junior Cricket (u13) 4 11/16 ounces to 5 1/16 ounces. It should measure between 20.5cm and 22.5cm in circumference. The ball used in youth cricket is 4 3/4 oz which is 135g

This video should help you if you need further clarification on what size you should be using or buying

These sizes and weights are only applied to a new cricket ball.

Can You Tell The Different Size Cricket Balls By Sight?

We now provide 3 different sizes at our net sessions. The only problem is that they are not marked as men, women or junior. A new cricket ball might have the weight or size on them but, after regular use this fades away. Subsequently we find it quite difficult to tell the difference, as the sizing is so close. Surely would it not be possible for the manufacturers to introduce a marking system to make it easier to tell the difference?

It really would make sense, as it serves no purpose to practice with the wrong size ball. The cricket ball size should be correct for the player to improve their skills at the optimum rate.

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