All Change At The RFU? I Hope Not.

All Change At The RFU? I Hope Not.

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After England's disappointing exit from the 2011 rugby world cup, it would have been no surprise if the RFU had dismissed all at the helm of the England rugby management team. However, it would appear they are taking their time and being profesional, in holding a review of what exactly happened in New Zealand and whether English rugby has, indeed moved forward over the last 4 years. Martin Johnson is a giant of a man, his commitment to the English cause is unquestioned. Is he worthy of the top job though? If not who could replace him? In many ways English rugby is suffering now for the success achieved in 2003, when they actually won the world cup. Fans and press expect success and a quarter final defeat to France was adjudged to be unsuccessful. France struggled throughout the tournament and looked a very poor side. Yet they almost pulled off the shock of the tournament when losing by a solitary point in the final, to New Zealand. So, were they that bad after all? Are England that bad? There will be a lot of people calling for Johnson to go. There will be a lot of people calling for Rob Andrew to step down too. Will this help English rugby? I believe not. Lets look back to Andy Robinson's tenure. He was rated as one of the worst England managers, ever. He had to go, didn't have a clue, they said. Now in charge of Scotland, he is rated as one of the best rugby coaches in the world. He is even touted as a replacement for Johnson, this i cannot believe. Surely the problem lies within the RFU. If managers keep getting replaced with no real change to the direction of the squad, then the problem lies elsewhere. I do not understand the workings within the RFU but, i do know that changing squad managers very rarely brings success. The English cricket team is now as successful as it has ever been, how they achieved that was to get the ECB management structure sorted from the top down, as changing the team manager had little effect of a 20 year period. So, how do the RFU go about achieving a management structure that works? One could do worse than look at Graham Henry as someone to work within the development of players and coaches. He will be available shortly, when is steps down from the All Blacks. He has also proven himself here in the UK when he managed Wales and took them to 10 straight victories during his reign. Knee jerk reactions very rarely produce good results and i would urge the RFU to retain Martin Johnson and employ Henry alongside him. Then we might see an entertaining, winning English side.


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