English Rugby Sporting Regrets

English Rugby Sporting Regrets

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It probably won't be today. It might not be next week or the following months. It might take years but, one thing is for sure, our English rugby team will regret the way they behaved and played in this years rugby world cup. One day they will be sat reminiscing and the one big regret will always return to the 2011 rugby world cup. English fans, have for years yearned for success. Not since 1966, have English football fans had something to cheer about. They still believe their heroes will care as much as they do, only to be let down every major tournament. Our rugby team has done much better over the past decade. Winning the world cup in 2003 and amazingly making the final in 2007, giving the supporters something to be proud of. Both football and rugby need to look at themselves and ask, did we let our country down? Did we let ourselves down? The latter is definitely true. How can you become one of the best players in the world, training day in and day out. Striving to be the best, only to forget your goal and act as if you are on a boys holiday. There is a time and place to get into drunken brawls and involved with late night goings on, not during one of the biggest tournaments in the world. Every player deserves to relax but, how many times did the front page headline, take away from the job in hand. England's footballers seem to be forever in the papers, with extra-marital affairs and drink related actions. It is time they take these competitions seriously and give the supporters a better deal. Thankfully we have the number one cricket test team, to cheer on. They got there through hard work and a commitment to become the best. Only time will tell if they fall off the rails and emulate our rugby and football heroes, i hope they don't. It would be nice if our overpaid stars, woke up and realise the opportunity they have, to lift the mood of the nation and give their best, after all the world cups only last a few weeks but the joy would last for years.


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