Derek Redmond - An emotional journey Barcelona 1992

Derek Redmond - An emotional journey Barcelona 1992

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The Rio Olympics starts on the 5th August and we take a look over the next few weeks at moments that live strong in our memory, from previous years and we look at a number of British competitors that can challenge for a medal. Derek Redmond - Barcelona 1992 - 400m Semi Final Derek Redmond 1st broke the British 400m record in 1985, this was beaten by Roger Black but Redmond regained the record in 1987 and held it until 1992, the year of the Barcelona Olympics. Derek had cruised through the 1st round with the fastest time. He was fancied to do well in the final too. In the semi however, his life changed forever. with 250 metres to go he collapsed to the track having torn his hamstring. He was distraught but rose to his feet and hobbled around the track to complete the race. Barely moving and in floods of tears the stretcher bearers ran towards him to help him off the track, only to be told in no uncertain terms 'to go away'. In the background his father, Jim Redmond, ran down the steps and onto the track, he quickly dismissed security to go to help his son.

It is told he said to Derek "you do not need to do this son" Derek replied "I do". Jim said "ok, we do this together then". What followed is one of the most emotional finishes to an Olympic race, the crowd gave them both a standing ovation and one of the loudest cheers of the games. He officially went down as disqualified but he says he needed to finish the race. Derek now does motivational speeches around the world based on this day. In 2008 he featured in a Visa advertising campaign. Video of this race was shown and the words "Derek and his father finished dead last, but he and his father finished". Although Derek Redmond never got to officially finish the race, by finishing the race unofficially he has gained huge strength and a career on the back of it. His father was a torch bearer for the London Olympics in 2012.


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