Use A Bag To Apply A Batting Grip

Impress Your Mates and Put a Batting Grip On a Cricket Bat With a Bag

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The Easiest Way To Put On A Cricket Bat Grip

How many times have you been getting ready for a cricket match when some less than bright spark says. 'Has anyone got a batting cone, as i need to put a new grip on my bat?'. Most have already removed the old grip. So, now it is a matter of urgency to get a new one on. However, most clubs do not have a grip cone or a grip applicator laying around. So, how can they get a replacement grip fitted, before they go out to bat?

Why they leave it to the day of the match surprises me but, not everyone prepares for the game in the same way.

Pre-Covid, most cricket matches involve supplying match teas and here we can find a solution to the batters problem. Someone will have a sandwich bag or similar bag with food in and if this is cleaned out, can be used to apply the batting grip.

A Bat Grip Applicator
How To Use A Bag To Apply Your Cricket Batting Grip

Hard to believe? Take a look at my video where I show how it is done.

If you are not able to watch the video follow these simple instructions. Fold the bag length ways and slide into the core of the grip, with the bag poking out of each end. The place the end which is open or that has handles over the top of the bat handle and carefully slide down the bat, until you reach the shoulder of the bat blade.

Then roll down the grip until halfway down the handle and cut away the bag. Carefully roll the grip back up the handle and repeat with the lower half of the grip.

You now have a player that can use his bat. Use some tape to secure the grip to the shoulder of the bat, electrical tape is ideal for this. A great way to impress your mates or as a show piece at a junior training session.

How To Add A 2nd Batting Grip Using A Bag

Should you need to add a 2nd grip to your bat then this video shows how. Again we use a sandwich bag and is by far the easiest method.


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