Introducing: Sticky Wicky

Introducing: Sticky Wicky

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We don't often get excited by reps turning up at the office claiming they have a must have product for us to offer our customers. In fact I can recall only one other time this has happened in the last 5 years (when Mitre launched their Hyperseam football range). Last week though we were introduced to the STICKY WICKY range of cricket products and quite frankly loved it. It brings a simple concept of 'If it sticks, you're out', if the tennis ball sticks to the stumps you are out. Don't forget to enter our competition to win a Sticky Wicky home pack... a Rafflecopter giveaway
Perfect for Club and School Cricket
The Sticky Wicky Allrounder is perfect for use in schools, clubs and for use in your garden. It comprises a heavy duty material with the stumps overlaid with velcro, if the tennis ball provided hits the stumps then the batter is out. The width of the canvas means it acts as a wicket keeper. It can be used for bowling drills at club and school cricket coaching sessions and can be used for throwing drills as the accuracy can be improved quickly and the balls collected by the canvas. AllRounder We have also created some great value packs that are perfect for clubs and schools including the Sticky Wicky Youth Cricket Club pack which has everything you need for a junior coaching session including balls, bats, canvas, frame and the Keeper version. Here is a video to demonstrate use in training:
Perfect in your back garden
The Sticky Wicky Keeper is a pop up set of stumps with velcro wickets. This is perfect for use at home - indoors and out, at the club, school and on the beach or for use in street cricket. My son became incredibly frustrated playing street cricket with his mate as one batted and the other bowled. If the batter missed the ball it was a trip for one of them to go fetch the ball. The Keeper solves this issue and is sure to come into use this week during half term.Keeper They can also be used as extra fielders and if the ball sticks to the velcro area you are out. For ideas of how the Sticky Wicky range can help your coaching or how it can be used in your garden, take a look at this video:


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