Pink Cricket Balls To Be Trialed Again

Pink Cricket Balls To Be Trialed Again

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We note with interest, the request from the ECB, for Glamorgan and Kent to accept an invitation, to use a pink ball in their 4 day game atCanterbury, next week. Kent have already agreed but, the ECB are still awaiting confirmation from Glamorgan.

The scheduled timing of the game will also change. Instead of starting at 10.30am and finishing at 6.30pm, it would start at 2pm with a scheduled finish of 9pm. This would then need the use of floodlights. The trial if successful, would then enable further trials, with the ultimate goal of bringing in day/night test cricket. But do we really need day/night test cricket in this country.

I believe we do not. The tickets for international games in the UK generally sell out, well in advance of play. Maybe, the ECB beleive they will be able to raise more revenue from the evening television deals and increased veiwers, increases the revenue from sponsors too. The real benefit if this trial was successful, would be for the county game. Twenty/20 has seen rising gate receipts, partly due to the shorter format but also because it is played at a more suitable time of day. Many people are able to get to these game in the evening.

Although spectators would not be there all day they will still turn up, in their numbers, for the final few hours of play. This would increase the spend within the ground i.e. beer and food sales. County clubs should welcome this development and then get their marketing teams out on the road and invite as many local and not so local clubs to take a trip to watch the longer format. You never know they may just pick up some much needed extra revenue.


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