What sports are, Tennis Ball Buckets, suitable for?

What sports are, Tennis Ball Buckets, suitable for?

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We often try to think of new ways to sell our core products. We sometimes have brain storming meetings to address the issue. Many products sell themselves easily and a few need to have innovative thinkers on the case. Our lines are obviously all associated with sports, balls for any sport. We hopefully cater for every sport and have a broad enough range to appeal to every buyer. Hockey Balls, we feel, can only be sold to the Hockey market. The same can be said for Cricket Balls and Rugby Balls but, not so for Tennis Balls. Tennis Balls come in various guises. From dog balls, to top of the range, competition Tennis Balls, in tins, tubes, buckets or individually. Prices will vary across the range too so, what ball would suit me best and would i be better off buying Tennis Ball Buckets, to make it cost effective? First off, what sports could use Tennis Balls to aid coaching? Any sport that uses a hard ball, such as Cricket, would be well suited to use Tennis Balls for the younger or less experienced players. This would enable core skills and confidence to be developed, at a steady pace. I would say Tennis Balls could be used in the following sports to encourage development:- Tennis (obviously) Cricket. Rounders and Baseball. What quantity of Tennis balls, should you purchase? This depends on the amount of coaching you do and how many players you coach. Clearly if you buy a small volume of balls it is likely to work out more expensive. Most Cricket and Tennis coaches i know buy a Bucket of Tennis Balls at the start of the season. they then need to replenish the stock the following year. One Cricket coach, i work with, thought he had a bargain, when he bought 50 balls for 40p each. True it was cheap but, there was a reason for them being so cheap, they didn't bounce and had loose bits of rubber inside. They would have been more suited to be sold as dog balls rather than Coaching balls. He then had to buy some better balls. I helped him buy the balls and did some research for him. I worked out he would be needing a Tennis Ball Bucket as he was coaching 55, under 11 cricketers. So, the options were then down to quality and price. Slazenger Tennis Ball Bucket . 60 balls at £59.95 = 99p each Dunlop training tennis ball bucket. 60 balls at £59.99 = 99p each Ransomme tennis ball bucket. 96 balls at £69.99 = 73p each. The Slazenger coaching tennis balls looked best value but they were of medium bounce and he was worried they might not bounce too well on grass. The Ransomme balls were the best value but, he didn't want that many balls. So he decided to go for the Slazenger Training tennis ball bucket. Good choice for grass and they have a consistant bounce. The Ransomme and the other Slazenger bucket would be great for hard court or indoor practice. Remember, quality and durability sometimes costs a little more. So, next time you are thinking of buying tennis ball buckets, don't skimp on price as you might end up with balls that are only suitable for your dog.


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