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  • Save -29% Gilbert GTR3000 8 Ball Pack

    Gilbert Gilbert GTR3000 8 Ball Pack Size 4

    The GTR3000 is now available to buy in a pack of 8. The GTR3000 is an improved 2-ply polycotton and cotton ball with a durable butyl bladder. These Gilbert rugby balls come in an 8-piece set and are available in size 4, which are coloured green as shown. The Gilbert GTR3000 is a great entry-level ball and is designed for use at clubs, schools, or recreational levels from under 10 through to under 14's.


  • Save -20% Gilbert Barbarian Rugby Balls 3 Pack

    Gilbert Gilbert Barbarian Rugby Balls 3 Ball Pack

    One of the best-selling Gilbert rugby balls that is used in rugby matches is of good standard. It is used extensively across the UK in adult club matches and senior school and college games. The NEW Gilbert Barbarian 2.0 rugby ball has had an upgrade and is now similar in quality to the Revolution X ball. It is a high-quality ball that uses the latest technology and uses the Truflight in seam valve. As with most top-quality Gilbert rugby balls, grip is important, and the Barbarian uses the popular standard formation grip. The ball is hand stitched and is available in size 5. This pack contains 3 x Size 5 Barbarian 2.0 Gilbert rugby balls.


  • Save -21% Gilbert Control-A-Ball Training 5 Pack

    Gilbert Gilbert Control-A-Ball 5 Ball Training Pack

    The Control-A-Ball Gilbert rugby balls are my favourite rugby training aid. The pack contains 5 different types of size 5 Glibert rugby balls, with each offering a different challenge to your players. These are designed to improve player skills, especially passing, and catching. It is proven that using various types of rugby balls can improve the players awareness and skill sets. The Control-A-Ball concept was developed with the Springbok coach, Richie Gray. The rugby coaching balls are all the same colour - green and black, so it isn't obvious which ball is being used, so the skill levels are tested to the maximum levels. Great fun and a brilliant training ball to develop players, while a coach can use their skills to create quality and enjoyable training sessions. This pack of 5 Control-A-Ball Gilbert rugby balls also includes 6 drills as a suggestion to get the ball rolling. The pack contains:1 x Match rugby ball - This has the normal grip you would expect from a Gilbert rugby ball 1 x Heavyweight rugby ball - which weighs around 650g and allows players to adapt their catching and passing skills 1 x Lightweight rugby ball - which weighs around 300g and allows a player to develop their catching and pasisng skills, if used alongside the heavyweight ball. 1 x Gripless rugby ball which has a smooth outer layer, making passing and catching more difficult when wet or slippy 1 x Unstable rugby ball is filled with a small amount of water to make the ball unstable through the air. The unstable rugby ball has to be filled with 280g of water, which is approximately 200 ml. To do this, unscrew the end of the pump and carefully fill it with 200 ml of water, then put your finger over the needle to stop it from draining out. Put the top back on and insert the needle into the ball. When you inflate the ball, the water is transferred into the inner bladder.


We have worked closely with coaches of many sports and have realised that they are often looking for a little bit extra, when purchasing balls. Schools too have had their budgets tightened so buying balls isn't always top of their list. We believe players young and old, deserve to train and play with the best, so we have devised some fantastic packages offering the best balls and bags at an even better price.

We offer top brands including Molten, Slazenger, Gilbert, Dunlop, Mitre, Readers, Kookaburra, Mikasa and Grays in packages that coaches and school teachers have said they want. Training balls and match ball coaching packs with a ball bag to help keep the balls in top condition when being stored or in transit.

If you cannot find a package that suits your requirements, please do let us know and we can help you create a coaching pack, that is perfect for you.


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