Cones and Space Marker Buying Guide

When you are marking out a drill or training session it is always useful to have some markers or cones to show the outline of the area you are looking for people to work in. There are so many different versions available which are all suitable for a huge variety of sports rather than being very sport specific.

So what types of cones and markers are there?

    • Space Markers Cones.
    • Collapsible Safety Cones.
    • Round Flat Markers.
    • Rectangular Flat Markers.
    • Sequencing Discs.
    • Traffic Cones.
    • Sports Markers.
    • Dome Sports Markers.

      There are even batting cones designed for practising cricket batting drills.

      You see the cones and markers really do cover over all sports.

      All of the cones and markers are suitable for use indoors and out, whilst the flat markers are particularly good for use in sports halls for marking out either footwork positioning or even where to aim the ball too. This then allows the players to step on them with no fear of tripping over or slipping, all of the flat markers are made from vinyl or rubber with non slip backing.

      The space marker cones again are ideal for marking out spaces you want players to work within or even for bowlers to aim at. With the design that when trodden on they simply collapse flat making them very safe to use for all age groups.

      If you are marking out a larger pitch you may prefer to use the collapsible cones as these are taller and will be easier to see from a distance - by using the collapsible ones if anyone falls or slides in to them they will collapse in on themselves and reduce the risk of injury.

      The sports markers and traffic cone style cones are rigid so are good to be used as pitch markers or starting/finishing points but if using as pitch markers the players should be aware they are rigid and will not collapse if landed on.

      If you need more information or details on specific cones, please take a look at our
 Training Cones and Markers 
      section or contact us if you need a cone or marker not listed


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