Ball Bag Buying Guide


There is a huge choice of ball bags on the market and so many different supplier options to pick from when looking for a good quality reasonably priced bag. Then which do you go for? Well that really depends on what you would like it for and how large you need it.

The various bag options are as follows (please note this does not cover every manufacturer but hopefully a good idea on the ranges available).

    • Hockey/Cricket ball bags which can hold 12 to 60 hockey or tennis balls.
    • Basketball tube bags which can hold 5 fully inflated size 7 basketballs.
    • Ball sacks which hold up to 10 size 5 footballs.
    • Mesh carry bags which hold up to 10 size 5 footballs.
    • Tubular ball bags which usually hold up to 5 fully inflated size 5 footballs.
    • Net bags which can usually hold up to 12 fully inflated size 5 footballs.
    • Volleyball bags usually designed for 4 or 10 full size volleyballs.
    • Basketball bags designed to hold 6 size 7 basketballs.

      *please note for simplicity the non specific bags have been measured to fit size 5 footballs but they are just as useful holding rugby balls or any other balls*
      So as you can see there really is a bag for everything. When you have to transport match balls to a game you may prefer to go with a 5 ball tubular bag so you can have a couple of training balls and then your match balls. But if you are going to training you may prefer one of the larger bags which holds up to 10 size 5 footballs so you can carry more balls in one go. It really depends on the use you have for it.
      All of the bags can be used for varying sports but obviously some have been designed specifically to be the right size for example the volleyball bags are made to fit 4 or 6 volleyballs in them. Whilst you could get other balls in these bags you may prefer to just go for a more basic one rather than a sport specific bag.
      Some of the bags have breathable mesh panels which is ideal for sports where the balls are often getting wet particularly in the winter months. The mesh panels allow the air to circulate more helping to allow the balls to dry out.
      The hockey/cricket ball bags for instance have been used quite a lot not only by cricket coaches and hockey clubs but by tennis players and coaches as an easier way in carrying all the balls to the court, rather than taking handfuls of already opened tins with them each time.
      Rather than list every bag we offer, you may wish to view the
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    section, to see our full range of bags, all available from stock.


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