Water Polo Buying Guide

Water polo is a team game played by men, women and juniors. It is a game of skill and requires incredible fitness and a high level of ball control. It is played with a round ball, which when in contact with water, develops a furry type surface to help with the grip. If this wasn't present, imagine how slippy, the ball would be.

Water polo balls have always traditionally been yellow but, in the last few years exciting new designs and colours are being developed and used. The Mikasa wave ball is one example.

There are only a few major manufacturers of water polo balls:-

  • Mikasa
  • Molten
  • Keifer

They all produce good quality balls although, our local water polo club, prefer the Mikasa balls. They claim the soft grip tends to last longer.

Water polo balls come in sizes 2, 3, 4 and 5. They are suitable for the following:-

  • Size 5 – is used for the men's game. The ball rules state the balls circumference shall be between 680mm and 710mm, with a ball pressure 12 – 13 psi. The adult ball is used from aged 16 years.


  • Size 4 – is used for women's water polo and youth boys from the age of 12 to 16. The ball circumference shall be between 650mm and 670mm, with a ball pressure 12 – 13 psi.


  • Size 3– is used for youth waterpolo. The size 3 ball is officially classed as an intermediate ball and is used when players are progressing from Size a 2 ball into adult water polo. Suitable for girls aged 12 and 13 years and boys aged 11 and 12.


  • Size 2 – is used for youth waterpolo. This sized ball is approved by FINA as the official size water polo ball for junior play. It is suitable for girls under 12 and boys under 10 year of age


  • Size 1.5– is used for recreational water polo. The ball is smaller than the size two and is often used by schools and clubs, when teaching basic skills to young players.


One other major requirement, for a waterpolo ball - it needs to be waterproof. You do not want to use a ball, that fills up with water. Balls are available as a training ball or match ball but, the training balls are around half the price of a match quality one.

The most popular ball, is the Mikasa wave W6000W. It has been approved as The Official Game ball for all Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA)events. They are the organisation in charge of all swimming pool competitions.

The Wave ball is tri coloured and has a long life, hard wearing buffed rubber cover and is priced around £32.


Mikasa Size 5 balls :-

  • Mikasa W6000W
  • Mikasa W6600W
  • Mikasa W6600
  • Mikasa WTR6


Mikasa Size 4 balls :-

  • W6009W
  • Mikasa W6609W
  • Mikasa W6609
  • Mikasa WTR9
  • Mikasa W6009C
  • Mikasa W6009


Mikasa Size 3 balls :-

  • Mikasa W6008.5W


Mikasa Size 2 balls :-

  • Mikasa W6008W
  • Mikasa W6608W
  • Mikasa W6608
  • Mikasa W6008W


Mikasa Mini Replica ball :-

  • Mikasa W1.5W


Molten have just one water polo ball :-

  • Molten IWR in size 5


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