First Aid Kit Buying Guide

There are many different first aid kits available on the market ranging from kits that are designed for personal use to kits suitable for whole sports teams. Whilst the contents of the kits can be very similar you want to ensure when buying a first aid kit you ensure you have the right equipment for the sport you're using it with. For example if you're looking after a sports team that plays on astro turf pitches like hockey teams you will want to ensure your first aid kit includes burn relief gel as its possible to get burns from the artificial surface.

It is now compulsory for anyone taking a coaching qualification to undergo a sports first aid course, now often this is very basic but it does offer some good guidance. The first aid courses are usually organised by the St John's Ambulance team in the local area.

First aid kits should be updated regularly as all of the items including bandages have a use by date, and the bag should be re-stocked as soon as an item has been used so you are always prepared in case it is needed. Most of the basic standard packs will include the following items:

    • Guidance leaflet offering basic first aid information.
    • Crepe bandage.
    • Waterproof dressing.
    • Sterile dressing.
    • Plasters.
    • Wound cleaning wipes.
    • Nitrile gloves.
    • Sterile swabs.
    • Triangular bandage.
    • Instant cold pack.
    • Foil blanket.
    • Fabric dressing.

      The larger kits will also include a resuscitation mouth shield and a yellow self seal waste bag.

      You can however purchase various sized kits or refill packs and even kits that are made up to be sports specific to ensure you have everything you may need in case of an injury or accident. In most cases the kits come with a handy run on bag which keeps everything together and ensures it's all there for the acting first aider. It is also possible to purchase just the refill kits or even individual items as required to replace used items from the kit so you do not end up with several first aid kit bags over the course of a season.

      If you are purchasing first aid kits for a club it is important to remember that each age group should have their own first aid bag, alongside one being kept within the club house where applicable.

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