Speed Agility Training Kit Buying Guide

Which Speed Agility Training Kit would suit your budget and sport, our buying guide aims to help you make the right choice:

Agility kits

We currently stock 3 brands of agility kits from the UK's leading suppliers - Lusum, Mitre and Precision Training. If you wanted to combine the agility fitness equipment together the most cost effective way to do this, is to purchase an Agility kit.

The agility kits are a great tool for sports teams to aid in warm up drills or training activities. With the various pieces of equipment it means the kit can be used for a circuit training type of drill. This way more than one person can be making use of the session at a time.

These kits generally contain the following items:

    • 6 x 9" Agility hurdles.
    • 2 x 4m adjustable speed training ladders.
    • 24 x space marker cones (12 x yellow and 12 x red).
    • Speed agility hoops.
    • Speed resistor.
    • Speed chute.
    • Storage bag.

      *Contents can vary depending on manufacturer - above is based on the Lusum branded version.

      Offering all of the different pieces of equipment it means so much more can be taken out of each training session. Whether it is for improving footwork, and speed on the ladders, increasing strength and power with the speed chute or resistor or using the cones to lay out target areas or even a pitch. There are so many options and it is a much more economical way of purchasing all of the kit.

      The ultimate agility kit contains the following:

      • 3 x 12" hurdles.
      • 3 x 9" hurdles.
      • 2 x 4m ladders.
      • 20 x space markers (10 red and 10 blue)s.
      • 1 x speed resistor.
      • 1 x evasion belt.
      • 1 x speed chute.
      • 1 x reaction ball.
      • All supplied in a bag.

        Prices on the kits vary but the Lusum agility kit starts at £59.99 ranging up to the ultimate speed agility kit by Precision Training at £99.99.


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