Bibs Buying Guide

So what bibs do you buy?

When playing Netball for example you need bibs with the playing positions marked on them, and if you are training for football or rugby for example it is easier to divide teams up by wearing bibs or alternate colours.

Netball Bibs

When purchasing netball bibs it's rather straight forward as you will require the ones with the various positions printed on them. These bibs are available as a standard bib or as a reversible bib which means if you play against another team who happen to have the same bibs one of the teams is able to turn the bibs to be showing the other colour way. The netball bibs are available in sizes medium 34"-36" or large 38"-42". The netball bibs come as standard in a pack of 7 covering all of the positions: Centre, Wing Attack, Wing Defence, Goal Attack, Goal Defence, Goal Keeper, Goal Shooter.

For other sports there are different styles and quality of bibs on the market:

    • Full plain mesh bibs.
    • Pro training mesh bibs which are shorter in length.
    • Reversible mesh bibs.
    • Striped mesh bibs.

      All of the mesh bibs are available in a variety of colours and also sizes ranging from 26"-28" chest up to 48"-50" chest so they are very adaptable for all ages and sizes. Most teams will opt for an average size depending on the age and size of the team they are buying for, so some players may be using a bib that is quite large for them and others where it is quite small in comparison but people do not seem to worry too much when using them.

      If you are a substitute player often you are asked to wear a bib so it does not confuse the players or officials on the field of play.

      The complete bib range is made using polyester mesh which ensures it is breathable and fast drying so should not affect the players or runners when in use.

      We stock a vast array of bibs suitable for all sports and ones specifcally for netball only from 2 the countries leading bib suppliers - Mitre and Precision Training. To take a look at our range check out our
 Training Bibs and Vests 


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