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Free cones offer applies when you spend over £100 on Football, Rugby balls. Add any of the cones or markers listed below to your order and the discount will be automatically applied when you check out. Only one free set per purchase, per customer. Offer ends 04/11/23
  • Save -41%  Collapsible Safety Cones

    Lusum Lusum Space Marker 50 Cone Set

    The Lusum Space Marker 50 Cone Set is a top-tier choice for coaches and educators. Includes 50 vibrant cones in Red, Yellow, Blue, White, and Pink. Comes with a durable carry storage stand and a breathable drawstring bag for easy transport. The 180mm wide and 50mm tall cones are perfect for delineating areas in sports activities, directional drills, and more. Volume discounts available on bulk purchases. Suitable for demanding environments of schools and sports clubs. Order now for enhanced training efficiency!


  • Save -50% Buy Space Marker Cones 25 Pack By Sports Ball Shop

    Space Marker Cones 25 Pack

    Space Marker Cones 25 Pack for Training Drills Enhance your coaching sessions with this essential set of 25 space marker cones, perfect for a vast array of sports. Crafted for durability, each cone measures 180mm and stands 50mm high, ensuring visibility and stability during practice. This comprehensive pack includes an adjustable strap, allowing for effortless organization and transport of the cones. The set features a vibrant selection of 5 different colors: Yellow, Blue, Orange, Pink, and White, with 5 cones in each hue to meet all your training requirements. Boasting great value and compatibility with all surfaces, these marker cones are a versatile addition to your training equipment. Ideal for schools, sports clubs, and personal use, secure your pack today and take the first step towards elevating your sports drills.


  • Save -38% Buy Lusum 225mm Collapsible Safety Cones - Sports Ball Shop

    Lusum 12 x Lusum 225mm Collapsible Safety Cones

    Premium Quality: The Lusum Collapsible Safety Cones are a blend of durability and safety. Made to endure any sport and any weather while ensuring player safety.Versatile & Durable: Comes in a handy 12-pack with 3 colors, and boasts a stable and heavy build. Ideal for sports, parking, and even motorcycle training.Safety First: The collapsible design prevents injury, making it a smart choice for any active setting. Adaptable with ground securing options for a reliable setup.


  • Save -44% Space Marker Cones 10 Pack Sports Ball Shop Sports Ball Shop

    Space Marker Cones 10 Pack

    Enhance Your Training with our Space Marker Cones 10 Pack Maximize your sports training with our Space Marker Cones 10 Pack. Engineered for durability and practicality, these vibrant yellow cones are highly visible and perfect for marking boundaries and setting up training drills. Durable Material: Each cone is crafted to withstand rigorous training sessions. Compact Size: With an 18cm diameter and 5cm height, they're ideal for various drills without taking up too much space. Versatile Use: Whether you're at school, a club, or in your own garden, these cones are suited for any training environment. Don't settle for less – equip yourself with the right sports training equipment. Get your pack of 10 Space Marker Cones today from Sports Ball Shop.


  • Save -50% Lusum 10 Pack Flat Round Marker Discs Lusum Sports Ball Shop

    Lusum Lusum 10 Pack Flat Round Marker Discs

    Enhance your training with the Lusum 10 Pack of Flat Round Marker Discs, now available at the Sports Ball Shop. These non-slip discs are perfect for a variety of surfaces, including astro pitches and indoor spaces.Each 200mm diameter disc features a dual-textured design, with a smooth side for easy placement and a raised pimpled profile for increased grip. The convenient centre hole simplifies pickup after exercises. The set includes: 2 Navy blue markers 2 White markers 2 Red markers 2 Orange markers 2 Yellow markers All neatly packed in a durable Lusum bag for easy transportation and storage. Shop now and elevate your training sessions!


  • Save -24% Precision Training Rectangular Markers Precision Training Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Precision Training Rectangular Markers

    Maximize Your Training Efficiency with Precision Training Rectangular Markers from Sports Ball Shop! Designed for the dedicated athlete, these markers are perfect for delineating space and structuring exercises in any training environment. The rugged rubber material ensures longevity, while the intelligent design with chamfered edges and underside pimples offers superior grip and safety. This essential training equipment, weighing 81g and measuring 35 x 7.5 x .5cm, comes in vibrant colors, including fluo orange, fluo yellow, and white, to maintain high visibility. Each set includes a practical drawstring bag, simplifying transportation and storage. Order your set of 10 markers per color today and enhance your training precision!


  • Save -16%Low stock! Precision Training Flat Round Markers Precision Training Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Precision Training Flat Round Markers

    Precision Training Flat Round Markers are ideal for marking out training sessions indoors and outdoors. Pack of 10 markers per colour. Available in Orange, Yellow or White.Diameter of the disc is 10" or 255mm.


  • Save -25% Precision Training Collapsible Cones - Set of 4 9 cones Precision Training Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Precision Training Collapsible Cones - Set of 4 9" cones

    Master your sports training with the durable Precision Training Collapsible Cones. Expertly designed to withstand pressure, these cones effortlessly collapse and spring back into shape. Bright hues for enhanced visibility during drills. Convenient set of 4, perfect for coaches and trainers. Versatile for any sport, including soccer, football, and track events. Select from available sizes to match your training needs: 9" Cones - Only 3.99 per set of 4 12" Cones - Just 5.99 per set of 4 15" Cones - A great deal at 7.99 per set of 4 Visit Sports Ball Shop today to enhance your training equipment inventory.

    £5.99 - £7.99

  • Save -24% Precision Training Sequencing Discs Precision Training Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Precision Training Sequencing Discs

    Precision Training Sequencing Discs – High-Quality Training Markers Designed for optimal training precision, these sequencing discs from Sports Ball Shop are perfect for athletes at all levels. Each set includes 10 markers per color housed in a convenient bag with a secure drawstring closure. Crafted from a flexible rubber-based material, these markers are 26cm in diameter and weigh a mere 81g. The design features chamfered edges to prevent tripping and pimples on the underside for reliable grip on any surface. Choose from fluorescent orange, yellow, or white to suit your training needs and enhance your sports equipment collection.



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