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    Gilbert Gilbert Spectra Match Netball

    Gilbert Spectra Match Netball County level match and training ball High-quality blended rubber surface Durable cotton laminate construction Reliable synthetic latex bladder Enhanced Duragrip pimple configuration for superior grip Hydratec technology for longevity Sizes 4 and 5 available to suit all players Ball Care Tips: Lubricate valve with glycerine before needle insertion Check psi regularly to ensure optimal performance Avoid rough surfaces to prevent damage Keep inflated balls off the ground when not in use Rotate balls in your kit to evenly distribute wear


  • Gilbert APT Netball Gilbert Netball Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Gilbert Gilbert APT Netball

    Train with Excellence - Gilbert APT Netball Discover the supreme durability and all-surface versatility of the Gilbert APT Netball, a staple for schools and clubs. This value offering training ball, with its hard-wearing rubber surface, ensures continuous play on any terrain. Popular with educational institutions and sports clubs Crafted for outdoor training sessions Nylon-wound for enhanced integrity Equipped with a robust Butyl bladder Available in size 4 and 5 to accommodate all skill levels Seamless performance for players at all stages Maintaining Your Gilbert APT Netball: Regular psi checks for optimal bounce Avoid exposure to harsh terrains Discourage improper use such as sitting on the ball Rotate usage among balls for uniform wear and tear Embrace your team's potential with a netball designed for the relentless demands of training sessions. Get your Gilbert APT Netball at Sports Ball Shop today!

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    Gilbert Gilbert Eclipse Match Netball

    Gilbert Eclipse Match Netball Unlock unmatched performance and value with the Gilbert Eclipse Match Netball. Perfect for competitive games, this netball offers exceptional quality without breaking the bank. Expertly crafted from top-grade natural rubber for maximum durability. Multi-laminate construction ensures long-lasting use in any match or training environment. Advanced pro performance air-loc bladder maintains optimum pressure and bounce. Signature Gilbert grip configuration for unparalleled control during play. Innovative Hydratec technology to enhance longevity and grip in any weather condition. Available in official sizes 4 and 5 to cater to players of all ages and expertise. Maintenance Tips: Regularly check psi levels to ensure performance consistency. Steer clear of abrasive surfaces to prevent wear. Avoid sitting on the ball to maintain shape integrity. Rotate usage among balls in your collection for even wear.


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    Gilbert Gilbert Breathable Ball Bag

    Rugby needs hard-wearing products built to be the best, and this breathable rugby ball bag fits the bill perfectly. Manufactured by the world leader in rugby, Gilbert Breathable Ball Bag , who knows what rugby coaches and clubs need.This ball bag holds up to 12 fully inflated rugby balls and has breathable mesh panels built into the bag. This allows air to flow through the bag when required, to assist with airing the balls.The Gilbert Breathable Ball Bag is available in three colours: red, black, and blue.Balls in image not included.


  • Save -9%Low stock! Gilbert Pulse 5 Ball Pack With Bag Gilbert Netball Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Gilbert Gilbert Pulse 5 Ball Pack With Bag

    Probably the best way to buy your clubs netballs. This 5 ball pack has one of the most durable training netballs complete with a 5 ball tube carrier.The Gilbert Pulse Netball Balls with Bag is a great training ball and is available in size 4 or 5. You also have the choice of colors pink or Multi Colour. The netball tube will hold 5 fully inflated balls and has a side vent and drawstring closer. Entry level match/training ball Blended rubber surface Cotton laminate construction Synthetic latex bladder Duragrip pimple configuration Hydratec Suitable for clubs and schools Available in sizes 4 and 5 Caring for your ball: Check the psi before each use Avoid use on rough surfaces Do not sit on inflated balls


  • Save -9% 10 x Gilbert Pulse Training Netballs Gilbert Netball Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Gilbert 10 x Gilbert Pulse Training Netballs

    Discover the exceptional Gilbert Pulse Training Netballs, now offered in an economical 10 ball package, attainable with or without a bag.  Synthetic latex bladder for noteworthy consistency and feel.  Choose from size 5 or size 4 balls to best fit your team's needs.  Optional Lusum 10 ball breathable ball bag in pink or multi-color. Optimized for entry-level matches and training sessions:  Blended rubber surface for improved grip.  Cotton laminate construction assures durability.  Duragrip pimple configuration enhances ball control.  Hydratec technology to maintain shape and playability.  Appropriate for both clubs and educational institutions.  Obtainable in both sizes 4 and 5 to accommodate all age groups. Maintain your netballs in top condition:  Regular psi checks are recommended before each use.  Avoid usage on abrasive surfaces to extend lifespan.  Refrain from sitting on inflated balls to prevent deformation.  Ensure even usage by rotating the balls in your collection.

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  • Save -16%Low stock! Gilbert Eclipse Match Netball 5 Ball Pack with Ball Bag Gilbert Netball Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Gilbert Gilbert Eclipse Match Netball 5 Ball Pack with Ball Bag

    The Gilbert Eclipse Netball 5 Ball Pack is perfect for competitive matches, offering high performance without sacrificing value.Included is a sturdy Gilbert tubular ball bag in the 5 ball pack, selectable in size 4 or size 5. Experience superb play with: Top grade natural rubber surface Multi-laminate construction for durability Pro performance air-loc bladder Gilbert's unique grip configuration for control Hydratec technology to maintain quality in all conditions Maintain peak performance of your netballs with these care tips: Regular psi checks Avoidance of rough play surfaces Proper rotation within your kit to promote even wear


  • Save -21%Low stock! Gilbert Ball Tube Gilbert Netball Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Gilbert Gilbert Ball Tube

    Gilbert Ball Tube for Netball: Essential for Netball Enthusiasts Crafted for convenience and durability, Sports Ball Shop's Gilbert Ball Tube ensures your netballs are protected and organized. Accommodates five size 5 netballs with its innovative mesh side vent design for optimal airflow. Featuring a practical shoulder carry strap and a secure drawstring closure, this carrier tube stands out in its class. Ideal for coaches, teams, and avid players who value their equipment's longevity. Note: Netballs are not included with the purchase. See what customers are saying: "A game-changer for our netball practice sessions - easy to carry and keeps the balls in perfect condition!" "Highly recommend for any netball team that travels for tournaments. The quality is unmatched!" Invest in your netballs' lifespan with the reliable Gilbert Ball Tube from Sports Ball Shop. Buy Now


  • Save -12%Low stock! Gilbert Spectra Match Netball 5 Ball Pack with Ball Bag Gilbert Netball Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Gilbert Gilbert Spectra Match Netball 5 Ball Pack with Ball Bag

    The Gilbert Spectra Match Netball is meticulously engineered for both training sessions and Junior level matches. Its value is unrivaled, and it boasts a superior rubber surface paired with an enhanced pimple configuration to provide an exceptional grip. This 5 ball pack caters to a range of needs and is available in size 4 or 5, accompanied by a robust Gilbert 5 ball tube bag, perfect for carrying and storage ease. Optimal for both match and training settings High-quality blended rubber surface for longevity Sturdy cotton laminate construction Durable synthetic latex bladder Advanced Duragrip pimple configuration for unparalleled hold Innovative Hydratec technology to maintain performance Choices in sizes 4 and 5 to fit diverse player requirements Ball Care Instructions: Verify the ball's psi level prior to each use Steer clear of usage on harsh surfaces Refrain from sitting on the inflated balls Rotate the balls within your kit to guarantee uniform wear


  • Save -11% Gilbert APT 10 Ball Netball Pack Gilbert Netball Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Gilbert Gilbert APT 10 Ball Netball Pack

    Discover the Gilbert APT 10 Ball Netball Pack at Sports Ball Shop. This pack includes a durable netball set with a breathable bag, ideal for outdoor use and perfect for both schools and clubs. Choose from sizes 4 and 5 to match your team's needs. High-quality hard-wearing rubber netball Includes 10 vibrant fluoro-colored Gilbert APT netballs Comes with a sturdy, red Gilbert Breathable ball bag Nylon-wound construction for longevity Butyl bladder ensures consistent bounce and shape retention Suitable for all skill levels from beginners to professionals Maintain the quality of your netballs with proper care: check air pressure regularly, avoid rough surfaces, rotate usage, and never sit on inflated balls. Order your pack today and elevate your netball training sessions!


  • Save -20% Gilbert Flare Netball 2 Ball Pack With a Ball Bag Gilbert Netball Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Gilbert Gilbert Flare Netball 2 Ball Pack With a Ball Bag

    Experience superior performance with the Gilbert Flare Netball 2 Ball Pack, complete with a heavy-duty Lusum duffle ball bag for your convenience. These match-quality balls boast a top-grade natural rubber surface and fusion foam construction, ensuring durability and optimal grip. The butyl rubber bladder and hybrid grip configuration, paired with Hydratec technology, guarantee consistent play in all conditions.Available in sizes 4 and 5, the Gilbert Flare netball is designed for serious players who demand the best.Care Instructions: Maintain perfect pressure with regular psi checks, avoid rough terrain, rotate usage, and never sit on inflated balls to prolong the life of your equipment.


  • Save -31% Gilbert Flare Netball Gilbert Netball Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Gilbert Gilbert Flare Netball

    Gilbert Flare Netball Discover the pinnacle of match performance with the Gilbert Flare netball. Crafted for elite-level play, this ball exemplifies top-notch construction, utilizing premium materials that elevate the game of any serious player. With its unparalleled fusion of design and functionality, the Gilbert Flare netball stands as the preferred choice amongst discerning athletes. Match quality ball optimized for professional play. Top grade natural rubber surface ensures superior handling and longevity. Innovative fusion foam construction for consistent bounce and playability. Long-lasting butyl rubber bladder for optimal air retention. Hybrid grip configuration for unmatched control under any condition. Advanced Hydratec technology to maintain texture and performance in varied weather. Exclusively available in size 5, the official match size. Care Instructions: Maintain the optimal psi to ensure peak performance. Steer clear of abrasive surfaces to preserve the ball's integrity. Refrain from applying excessive weight on the inflated ball. Regularly rotate balls within your collection to guarantee even wear.


  • Save -29% Gilbert Pass Developer Gilbert Netball Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Gilbert Gilbert Pass Developer

    Refine your passing techniques with the Gilbert Pass Developer Netball Balls from Sports Ball Shop. The ball's specialized design prioritizes the enhancement of wrist strength, facilitating increased passing distance and precision for a dominant performance.Key Features: An overweight laminate construction ensures durability and maintains ball shape. Textured, grippy surface provides superior handling and control. Engineered to foster wrist muscle development for amplified passing distance and accuracy. Adopt the competitive edge with a weighted training ball that transforms your passes into powerful plays. Unwavering in quality and performance, choose the Gilbert Pass Developer for your training needs.


  • Gilbert Custom Printed Netballs Gilbert Netball Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Gilbert Gilbert Custom Printed Netballs

    Gilbert Custom Printed Netballs Boost your club's presence on the court with Gilbert Custom Printed Netballs, tailored with your unique club crest or sponsor's logo. Each ball integrates the design as part of its fabric, creating a seamless and professional look. Personalise Your Game: Opt for any model from the Gilbert range and add your branding for a personal touch. Gain the benefit of sponsorship by showcasing your sponsor's logo alongside your crest. Quality That Lasts: This is not a temporary sticker; the design becomes one with the ball, ensuring longevity and durability. Bulk Advantage: Ready to serve teams and clubs, we require a minimum order of 25 balls. With a nominal fee for screen setup—which we retain for 12 months—future orders are streamlined. Timely Delivery: After order confirmation, the lead time ranges from 10 to 14 weeks, keeping your season schedule in mind. Design Freedom: With up to three prints per ball, your design possibilities are vast. We accept multi-color designs, accommodating your club's aesthetic. Image Specifications: Please ensure all logos and crests are supplied in vector EPS or PDF format to guarantee precision. Contact Us: For inquiries or to place your order, reach out to us at

  • Save -11% Gilbert Match Synergie X Netball Gilbert Netball Balls Sports Ball Shop

    Gilbert Gilbert Match Synergie X Netball

    Gilbert Match Synergie X Netball Unleash the Potential: Elevate your game with the high-spec Gilbert Match Synergie X Netball, featuring cutting-edge technology and optimal performance. Experience the Synergie V2 grip for ultimate control and accuracy. Benefit from the G-XV rubber compound surface, specially designed for international match standards. Trust the durability with a multi laminate construction and Pro Performance air-loc bladder. Be game-ready with Hydratec technology for enhanced ball condition. Comply with INF regulations - available in size 5 and INF colours, exclusively for indoor use. Delivery Information: Enjoy a seamless ordering process with a 3-5 day delivery window to get you back in the game faster. Ball Care Tips: Maximize the lifespan of your netball by checking psi levels regularly, avoiding rough surfaces, rotating use in your kit, and never sitting on the inflated ball.


Gilbert Netballs
Gilbert are a world-renowned manufacturer of strong, durable netballs, developing an excellent reputation for the quality of their products. Gilbert netballs are ideal for matches or training sessions and designed to offer enhanced grip and improved visibility.

Sports Ball shop are proud stockists of Gilbert netballs and would recommend them to anyone as a result of their unique mix of value and performance.


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