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  • Save -39% Garden Games Rounders Set By Sports Ball Shop

    Garden Games Rounders Set

    This Rounders Set comes complete with a Mango Rounders bat, PU ball and 4 wooden base posts. The set comes packed in a nylon zip close carry bag.  This set is designed for schools and clubs but, can also be used by groups playing rounders in the park or on holiday.


  • Save -33% Lusum Rounders Ball By Sports Ball Shop

    Lusum Lusum Rounders Ball

    The Lusum Rounders ball is a durable ball that is often found in club or schools games. The ball is hand stitched and has a hardy leather outer.  This Lusum Rounders Ball weighs 76g and has a circumference of 202mm (8") and a diameter of 62mm.  Great quality Lusum Rounders Ball By Sports Ball Shop without the inflated price tag.     


  • Save -20%Low stock! Reydon Leather Rounders Ball

    Reydon Reydon Leather Rounders Ball

    This high quality, affordable Reydon Leather Rounders Ball is a fantastic addition to any game of rounders, designed to offer advanced performance and durability. As well as offering enhanced gameplay, this impressive rounders ball is also strong and reliable, ideal for players at any level of the game.  This rounders ball is very popular amongst school teams and rounders clubs.


  • Save -28% Incrediball Rounders Ball

    Aero Incrediball Rounders Ball

    This durable and strong rounders ball comes from the same stable that has produced high quality training cricket balls, with worldwide recognition.  This Incrediball Rounders Ball is part of the Incrediball revolution and is a high quality, long lasting rounders ball. The Aeroball has a soft feel and is perfect for younger or new players but, is hard wearing enough to be used by stronger experienced players too.  Available to buy individually or in multi buy packs.


  • Save -39% 1 Dozen Lusum Rounders Balls By Sports Ball Shop

    Lusum 1 Dozen Lusum Rounders Balls

    Sports clubs, social clubs and schools have requested we sell the Lusum rounders balls in a bulk buy pack, so we have created this pack of 1 dozen Lusum rounders balls. These hand stitched rounders balls are durable with a leather outer layer.  Buy this pack and receive 12 Lusum rounders balls.


  • Save -40% 4 Dozen Lusum Rounders Balls with Lusum bag

    Lusum 4 Dozen Lusum Rounders Balls with Lusum bag

    When organising a school or large group of rounders players, a lack of equipment can often be a problem. With this handy 4-dozen pack of Lusum rounders balls, complete with a heavy-duty, breathable Lusum ball bag, this should no longer be an issue. The leather rounders balls are hand stitched and are extremely durable. Weighing 76 g and measuring 8" in circumference, it contains 48 Lusum rounders balls and a Lusum ball bag.



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