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  • Save -50% Lusum 10 Pack Flat Round Marker Discs Lusum Sports Ball Shop

    Lusum Lusum 10 Pack Flat Round Marker Discs

    Enhance your training with the Lusum 10 Pack of Flat Round Marker Discs, now available at the Sports Ball Shop. These non-slip discs are perfect for a variety of surfaces, including astro pitches and indoor spaces.Each 200mm diameter disc features a dual-textured design, with a smooth side for easy placement and a raised pimpled profile for increased grip. The convenient centre hole simplifies pickup after exercises. The set includes: 2 Navy blue markers 2 White markers 2 Red markers 2 Orange markers 2 Yellow markers All neatly packed in a durable Lusum bag for easy transportation and storage. Shop now and elevate your training sessions!


  • Save -33% Lusum 20 Flat Round Marker Discs Lusum Sports Ball Shop

    Lusum Lusum 20 Flat Round Marker Discs

    Lusum 20 Flat Round Marker Discs Optimal Training Equipment: Elevate your sports training sessions with the Lusum 20 Flat Round Marker Discs. This top-tier pack includes 20 non-slip, assorted coloured discs, impeccably stored in a robust zipped carry bag. Unmatched Quality: Crafted for longevity, these premium quality discs stand as the pinnacle of sports markers. With a generous 200mm diameter, they're perfectly sized for visibility and efficiency. Ingenious Design for Safety: Our exclusive raised diamond pattern on the underside ensures maximum grip on any surface, preventing unwanted movement, while the sleek top features the Lusum logo. Presented in a heavy-duty bag with a mesh view panel, convenience meets durability in this essential equipment set. 4 x Blue markers 4 x White markers 4 x Red markers 4 x Yellow markers 4 x Orange markers 1 x Lusum heavy-duty storage bag Adaptable & Versatile: Each disc weighs approximately 85g and is more malleable than other brands, ensuring a flawless fit on any flat surface. Whether for practice or competitive play, these markers are indispensable for any athlete or coach.


  • Save -50% Buy Space Marker Cones 25 Pack By Sports Ball Shop

    Space Marker Cones 25 Pack

    Space Marker Cones 25 Pack for Training Drills Enhance your coaching sessions with this essential set of 25 space marker cones, perfect for a vast array of sports. Crafted for durability, each cone measures 180mm and stands 50mm high, ensuring visibility and stability during practice. This comprehensive pack includes an adjustable strap, allowing for effortless organization and transport of the cones. The set features a vibrant selection of 5 different colors: Yellow, Blue, Orange, Pink, and White, with 5 cones in each hue to meet all your training requirements. Boasting great value and compatibility with all surfaces, these marker cones are a versatile addition to your training equipment. Ideal for schools, sports clubs, and personal use, secure your pack today and take the first step towards elevating your sports drills.


  • Save -37% Lusum Rectangular Markers Lusum Sports Ball Shop

    Lusum Lusum Rectangular Markers

    Product InformationDiscover the Lusum Rectangular Markers Sport, an essential tool for coaches, sports enthusiasts, and trainers to delineate spaces efficiently. Available in a versatile pack of 20, these markers are offered in 5 vibrant colors, each contributing to the clear visibility on various surface hues. Constructed for durability, these markers boast a robust rubber composition that adheres closely to the ground, mitigating the risk of trips and ensuring player safety. The uniquely textured surface on both sides of each marker ensures excellent grip, regardless of the playing field's conditions. Each marker, measuring 35cm by 8cm and with a thickness of 3mm, is designed for maximum functionality without compromising on quality. The set is accompanied by a practical mesh storage bag equipped with a secure drawstring closure, facilitating easy transportation and neat organization. Being a top-tier choice for quality and utility, the Lusum Rectangular Marker set stands out as the market-leading option for those seeking reliable and visible marking solutions. Reviews


  • Save -38% Buy Lusum 225mm Collapsible Safety Cones - Sports Ball Shop

    Lusum 12 x Lusum 225mm Collapsible Safety Cones

    Premium Quality: The Lusum Collapsible Safety Cones are a blend of durability and safety. Made to endure any sport and any weather while ensuring player safety.Versatile & Durable: Comes in a handy 12-pack with 3 colors, and boasts a stable and heavy build. Ideal for sports, parking, and even motorcycle training.Safety First: The collapsible design prevents injury, making it a smart choice for any active setting. Adaptable with ground securing options for a reliable setup.


  • Save -41%  Collapsible Safety Cones

    Lusum Lusum Space Marker 50 Cone Set

    The Lusum Space Marker 50 Cone Set is a top-tier choice for coaches and educators. Includes 50 vibrant cones in Red, Yellow, Blue, White, and Pink. Comes with a durable carry storage stand and a breathable drawstring bag for easy transport. The 180mm wide and 50mm tall cones are perfect for delineating areas in sports activities, directional drills, and more. Volume discounts available on bulk purchases. Suitable for demanding environments of schools and sports clubs. Order now for enhanced training efficiency!


  • Save -28% Buy Lusum Telescopic Poles Set for Agility Training

    Lusum Lusum Telescopic Poles Set

    Lusum Telescopic Poles Set The Lusum Telescopic Poles Set, designed for versatile agility training, is ideal for athletes of any sport requiring quick-footed precision. These adjustable poles are highly recommended for enhancing your dribbling runs and dynamic changes in direction. Traditional agility poles can be cumbersome to transport. Our telescopic poles collapse conveniently, making them effortless to store and transport, fitting into most car boots with ease. The Lusum Telescopic Poles Set includes 12 adjustable poles with sturdy ground spikes for outdoor use, paired with a durable canvas carry bag for your convenience. Adjust the poles smoothly from 90 cm to 170 cm to fit your training needs and store them compactly when not in use. With a diameter of 34mm, these poles are robust for repeated use. Please note, while these poles are outstanding for outdoor use, they are not suitable for indoor spaces due to the spiked base. However, they can be adapted for indoor training with the addition of rubber bases (sold separately). Enhance your training arsenal with the Lusum Telescopic Poles Set—your tool for next-level agility.


  • Save -57% Buy Lusum Pro 6 Metre Agility Ladder at Sports Ball Shop

    Lusum Lusum Pro 6 Metre Agility Ladder

    The Lusum Pro Quality 6 Metre Agility Ladder stands out in the world of sports training. This top-tier agility ladder is suitable for athletes at all levels, offering an exceptional training experience. It includes 12 adjustable rungs, allowing you to customize the difficulty level to enhance your speed and coordination. Whether for a club, a school team, or personal fitness, it's the ideal training tool. Our Pro Quality designation comes from the durable heavy-duty polymer plastic rungs, sized at an imposing 30mm x 8mm and designed with bevelled edges for safe, bidirectional use. The ladder's side straps are intricately woven through each rung, significantly reducing wear and tear over time. Expand your training possibilities by connecting multiple ladders using the convenient clips, extending up to 18 metres for more intensive workouts. When not in use, the agility ladder can be neatly stored away in the provided canvas bag with a secure drawstring closure. Seeking training inspiration? Access our comprehensive range of drills specifically tailored for the Lusum Pro Agility Ladder. Suitable for diverse ages and skill levels, these drills will enrich your training regimen. Explore our guide and evolve your athletic prowess with the Lusum Pro 6 Metre Agility Ladder.


  • Save -31% Junior Speed and Agility Kit for Kids | Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Junior Speed and Agility kit

    Boost Your Child's Athletic Potential!Unlock the secret to superior agility and speed with the Junior Speed and Agility Kit from Sports Ball Shop. Watch your young athletes conquer each drill using our premium training equipment: 3 x 9" high hurdles for improved leap and stride 3 x 6" hurdles for precision footwork 2 x 2m ladders for superb coordination and balance 12 x 9" collapsible cones for versatile drills All elements are durably designed for young athletes and come conveniently packed in a handy carrying bag for easy transportation and storage. Shop now and elevate your junior's performance on the field!


  • Save -29% Lusum Speed Agility Training Gear By Sports Ball Shop

    Lusum Lusum Speed Agility Kit

    Enhance Your Athletic Performance with the Lusum Speed Agility Training Gear Looking for versatile training equipment that can keep up with your rigorous workouts? Look no further than the Lusum Speed Agility Kit, available at Sports Ball Shop. Whether you're a dedicated individual athlete, a school, or a sports club, this comprehensive agility kit gets you covered!  Perfect for players of all levels to boost their speed and agility Includes everything you need for effective training indoors or outdoors Durable and long-lasting materials ensure years of use  Our Lusum Speed Agility Kit is not just for improving speed; it's also ideal for directional drills, strength and conditioning, or simply as part of your warm-up routine before a big match. With the ease of setting up and the convenience of a generously-sized carry bag, you can take your training wherever you go.  Invest in your athletic prowess today. Buy now and take the first step towards reaching your peak sports performance with Sports Ball Shop.


  • Save -26%Low stock! Precision Training Sprung Corner Flags Set Of 4 Precision Training Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Precision Training Sprung Corner Flags Set Of 4

    Precision Training Sprung Corner Flags: Essential Training Equipment Optimize your sports training sessions with the robust Precision Training SPRUNG Corner Flags. This essential set of 4 is perfect for demarcating boundaries and ensuring an engaging, effective training ground. Includes 4 vibrant yellow sprung corner posts designed for flexibility and durability. Accompanied by 4 high-visibility red flags to mark the pitch clearly. Integrated spring mechanism at the base, preventing kinks and breaks upon impact. Ground spike feature for easy and secure insertion into any playing field. Comes with a convenient storage bag for transportation and preservation. Whether for amateur or professional training, the Precision Training Sprung Corner Flags Set is your ideal companion to enhance the precision and structure of your drills. Elevate your game with Sports Ball Shop's top-notch equipment today!


  • Save -68% Lusum XL Microfibre Sports Towel 180cm x 90cm

    Lusum Lusum XL Microfibre Sports Towel 180cm x 90cm

    WAS £7.49 - CLEARANCE PRICE £5.39 The Lusum EXTRA LARGE Microfibre sports towel measures 180cm x 90cm and is the only towel you will need this year for use in the gym, swimming, at home or on your travels. The towel has a simple roll up design and a strap to ensure it stays rolled up, which can then be put back into it's own travel carry bag. This concept means you can take on holiday with you or put in your kit/gym bag and the space it takes up is minimal. If you travel abroad and use the plane cabin to store your luggage, then you need the most compact towel to take with you - The Lusum XL Microfibre sports towels are the best towels you can use. This towel can fit into one of your shoes in the travel case as it is that small when folded down but, weighs less than the shoe itself. It's time to discard your old heavy towels and replace with this stunning new design, as you won't be disappointed. The Microfibre material is an 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide mix, making this the fastest drying towel available. The elastic strap can also double up to enable you to hang the towel up, when in the locker room. The colour scheme was carefully chosen to be the most striking royal blue with an orange trim. Can be machine washed at 30 degrees and can be washed with similar colours.


  • Save -72% 4 x BGH 100ml Sports Sanitiser

    Garden Games 4 x BGH 100ml Sports Sanitiser

    The Big Germ Hunters Sports and Hand sanitiser has been accepted by most clubs that use it, as the best sanitiser on the market today. It is fast drying, residue free and grease free too. This pack is for those that want to try the sanitiser out before buying a bulk pack for the club or business. This pack contains 4 x 100ml bottles which are filled with the Big Germ Hunters sanitiser. Each bottle comes fitted with a fine spray atomiser which ensures you use less but still gives 100% coverage. The sanitiser is WHO approved and we have a number of EN certificates of approval. It kills 99.9% of bacteria and has a pleasing citronella aroma. It is manufactured to be the optimum sanitiser for sports clubs and businesses that need the best sanitiser for their players and employees.


  • Precision Training Space Markers

    Precision Training Precision Training Space Markers Cones

    If out of stock please see the Lusum 50 Space Marker Cones as the alternative for this product The Precision Training Space Markers come in sets of 50 markers and are 200mm diameter and made from durable flexible soft plastic. This set comes with a handy cone stacker and assorted colours including red, yellow, blue, white and Orange.


  • Save -22% Telescopic Pole Set

    Precision Training Telescopic Pole Set

    This Telescopic poles set are suitable for agility training, where speed of direction is required. They can be used for slalom dribbling drills too.  The adjustable feature ensures they are compact, when storing or transporting in the back of your car.  This set includes 12 adjustable poles with ground spikes and a carry bag. Adjustable from 90 cm to 170cm. 


  • Save -20%Low stock! Precision Training Collapsible Cones - Set of 4 9 cones Precision Training Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Precision Training Collapsible Cones - Set of 4 9" cones

    Master your sports training with the durable Precision Training Collapsible Cones. Expertly designed to withstand pressure, these cones effortlessly collapse and spring back into shape. Bright hues for enhanced visibility during drills. Convenient set of 4, perfect for coaches and trainers. Versatile for any sport, including soccer, football, and track events. Select from available sizes to match your training needs: 9" Cones - Only 3.99 per set of 4 12" Cones - Just 5.99 per set of 4 15" Cones - A great deal at 7.99 per set of 4 Visit Sports Ball Shop today to enhance your training equipment inventory.

    £5.99 - £7.99

  • Save -16%Low stock! Precision Training Flat Round Markers Precision Training Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Precision Training Flat Round Markers

    Precision Training Flat Round Markers are ideal for marking out training sessions indoors and outdoors. Pack of 10 markers per colour. Available in Orange, Yellow or White.Diameter of the disc is 10" or 255mm.


  • Save -24% Precision Training Rectangular Markers Precision Training Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Precision Training Rectangular Markers

    Maximize Your Training Efficiency with Precision Training Rectangular Markers from Sports Ball Shop! Designed for the dedicated athlete, these markers are perfect for delineating space and structuring exercises in any training environment. The rugged rubber material ensures longevity, while the intelligent design with chamfered edges and underside pimples offers superior grip and safety. This essential training equipment, weighing 81g and measuring 35 x 7.5 x .5cm, comes in vibrant colors, including fluo orange, fluo yellow, and white, to maintain high visibility. Each set includes a practical drawstring bag, simplifying transportation and storage. Order your set of 10 markers per color today and enhance your training precision!


  • Save -24% Precision Training Sequencing Discs Precision Training Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Precision Training Sequencing Discs

    Precision Training Sequencing Discs – High-Quality Training Markers Designed for optimal training precision, these sequencing discs from Sports Ball Shop are perfect for athletes at all levels. Each set includes 10 markers per color housed in a convenient bag with a secure drawstring closure. Crafted from a flexible rubber-based material, these markers are 26cm in diameter and weigh a mere 81g. The design features chamfered edges to prevent tripping and pimples on the underside for reliable grip on any surface. Choose from fluorescent orange, yellow, or white to suit your training needs and enhance your sports equipment collection.


  • Save -36% 12 x PT 225mm Collapsible Cones Orange Precision Training Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training 12 x PT 225mm Collapsible Cones Orange

    12 x PT 225mm Collapsible Cones Orange  Precision Training Collapsible Cones Measure 225mm (9 inch), pack of 12 Highly durable with split sides for resilience Excellent for indoor and outdoor sports Suitable for marking training areas & drills Brilliant orange for high visibility Ideal for sports and motorbike training  Upgrade your training equipment with our PT Collapsible Cones. Order now at Sports Ball Shop and enhance your practice sessions.


  • Save -44% Space Marker Cones 10 Pack Sports Ball Shop Sports Ball Shop

    Space Marker Cones 10 Pack

    Enhance Your Training with our Space Marker Cones 10 Pack Maximize your sports training with our Space Marker Cones 10 Pack. Engineered for durability and practicality, these vibrant yellow cones are highly visible and perfect for marking boundaries and setting up training drills. Durable Material: Each cone is crafted to withstand rigorous training sessions. Compact Size: With an 18cm diameter and 5cm height, they're ideal for various drills without taking up too much space. Versatile Use: Whether you're at school, a club, or in your own garden, these cones are suited for any training environment. Don't settle for less – equip yourself with the right sports training equipment. Get your pack of 10 Space Marker Cones today from Sports Ball Shop.


  • Save -25% Precision Training Step Training Hurdles - Sports Ball ShopPrecision Training Step Training Hurdles - Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Precision Training Step Training Hurdles

    Precision Training Step Training HurdlesDeveloped for athletes seeking to improve their jumping, striding, and arm control, these heavy-duty PVC coated hurdles by Precision Training/Mitre are essential for dynamic workouts. Versatile in design, they are sold individually and available in 6", 9", and 12" heights to cater to a variety of training needs.Perfect for coaches and players alike to diversify fitness routines, Precision Training's step hurdles can transform any training session. These durable hurdles offer robust performance and are an indispensable tool for increasing lateral speed and maintaining peak physical condition.

    £2.99 - £4.49

  • Save -22% Buy Precision Training Speed Agility Hoops Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Precision Training Speed Agility Hoops

    Precision Training Speed Agility Hoops Expertly designed to boost your agility, speed, and coordination, the Precision Training Speed Agility Hoops are essential for athletes looking to elevate their performance. Conveniently supplied with a storage bag for easy transportation. Customize your training intensity with variable spacing options, engaging different muscle groups for a comprehensive workout. Each set includes 12 durable hoops, measuring 44cm in diameter, perfect for a variety of exercises.


  • Save -23% Precision Training Speed Agility Hoops at Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Precision Training Speed Agility Interlocked Hoops

    Maximize your agility training with the Precision Training Speed Agility Hoops. A set of 12 vibrant hoops consisting of 4 red, 4 yellow and 4 blue, strategically designed to foster improvements in speed, footwork, and coordination. Ideal for athletes and trainers, these hoops can become an indispensable asset to any training routine, efficiently building stamina.  Incorporate these hoops into your workouts and experience a remarkable enhancement in your agility and performance. The Precision Speed Agility Hoops come with a convenient carrying bag, making them easily portable and perfect for any training environment.


  • Save -88% Bulk Buy 20 Empty 250ml Atomiser Bottles at Sports Ball Shop

    Big Game Hunters 20 x BGH Empty 250ml Atomiser Bottles

    Optimize hand sanitiser usage with these Empty 250ml Atomiser Bottles from Sports Ball Shop, designed to evenly dispense Big Germ Hunters Hand Sanitiser. Arriving empty for effortless filling, each bottle in this 20-pack features a reliable screw top atomiser that delivers a precise spray, extending the life of your sanitiser liquid.  Clear bottles for easy monitoring of sanitiser levels. Includes snap close lid for secure transport and storage. 20-pack ensures ample supply for teams and staff. Compatible with funnel or Jerry Can Tap for spill-free refilling. Not intended for hand gel use.  Included in Each Order: 20 x Empty 250ml Bottles equipped with atomiser dispensers. Efficient sanitiser dispensing solution for sports organizations.  Discover the ease and convenience of these empty atomiser bottles ideal for any group setting. Keep your team safe and sanitised with Sports Ball Shop.


  • Save -33% Buy BGH Sanitiser Funnel 100mm at Sports Ball Shop

    Big Game Hunters BGH Sanitiser Funnel 100mm

    The BGH Sanitiser Funnel 100mm is an essential tool for any maintenance or sanitation task. With its robust design, 100mm mouth opening, and 13mm spout diameter, this funnel is built for heavy-duty use. Standing at a convenient height of 11cm with a spout that tapers from 13mm to 20mm, this funnel ensures a smooth and efficient transfer of liquids. Its spout length of 5cm is perfect for precise decanting, making it a reliable choice for refilling bottles from Big Germ Hunter 5 litre jerry cans. Offering both versatility and value, the BGH Sanitiser Funnel is indispensable for those who demand quality and efficiency. Included in the package is: 1 x BGH Funnel Optimised for practicality and durability, make the BGH Sanitiser Funnel 100mm a part of your toolkit - buy now at Sports Ball Shop.


  • Save -29% Sports Face Mask for Sports Coaches - Sports Ball Shop

    Big Game Hunters Hygiene Face Mask

    Hygiene Face Mask for Coaches and Teams Amid unprecedented times, Sports Ball Shop stands with sporting clubs by providing high-quality Hygiene Face Masks at affordable prices. Designed for daily sessions, our masks ensure an added layer of protection for club coaches and management teams. Available both in single units and bulk quantities, these masks cater to individual preferences as well as club requirements. Crafted with 100% polyester, they are non-medical but offer a firm 2-layer defense. The breathable mesh fabric increases comfort during extended use and the masks are reusable—simply wash after each session. Their design includes a stretchable ear loop, ensuring a snug fit while providing safeguarding against droplets. Ideal for sporting environments, they help to protect against transmission in both directions. Clubs seeking to purchase in volume can benefit from our significant discounts on orders of 500 to 1000 masks. For larger or custom orders, our team is ready to provide tailored quotations. Don't let safety be a concern—equip your sporting team with the right protection. Order your Hygiene Face Masks today!


  • Save -53% BGH Jerry Can Tap Dispenser from Sports Ball Shop - 5ltr

    Big Game Hunters BGH Jerry Can Tap Dispenser

    Optimize Refilling with BGH Tap DispenserDesigned for seamless attachment on 5ltr jerry cans, the BGH Tap Dispenser is your solution for hassle-free refilling of atomiser bottles. Engineered for multiple uses, this tap dispenser promises an intuitive operation for both our 100ml and 250ml bottles.Durable and Easy-to-UseThis indispensable accessory simplifies the process of fitting and using – unscrew from an empty can, and attach to a new one effortlessly. Aimed at ensuring a clean and spill-free bottle filling experience, our tap is indispensable for quick decanting.Universal CompatibilityThe precisely chamfered outlet spout is tailored to fit into narrow threaded necks, making it a versatile tool for a variety of dispensing needs. With a spout neck of 13mm and a DIN51 screw cap of 55mm, it offers perfect compatibility with BGH 5ltr Jerry Cans.Package ContentsYour purchase includes:1 x Jerry Can Tap DispenserEmbrace efficiency and cleanliness with the BGH Jerry Can Tap Dispenser, available now at Sports Ball Shop.


  • Save -67% Buy BGH Hand Sanitiser 5 Litre - Sports Ball Shop Online

    Big Game Hunters BGH Hand Sanitiser 5 Litre

    BGH Hand Sanitiser 5 Litre for Athletes and Active Workspaces At Sports Ball Shop, we understand the importance of hygiene for those who lead active lives. That's why we're proud to offer the BGH Hand Sanitiser 5 Litre, expertly formulated to meet the needs of athletes and professionals in bustling environments. This high-quality sanitiser isn't just another cleanser; it's a shield against bacteria for people who can't afford to be held back by germs. Kills 99.9% of Bacteria: Trust in BGH's proven effectiveness to eliminate harmful bacteria on your hands. Residue and Grease Free: Forget about sticky residues or greasy feelings. Our sanitiser leaves your hands feeling clean and comfortable. Quick Drying Liquid: Save time with our quick-drying solution, speeding up your routine while maintaining safety. WHO-Approved Standards: BGH sanitiser adheres to rigorous WHO standards, giving you peace of mind with every use. Convenient Bulk Packaging: The 5 Litre jerry can is perfect for refilling atomiser bottles, making it a smart economic choice for frequent users. Suitable for Various Settings: Whether you're on the sports field, a construction site, or in a retail setting, this sanitiser is your go-to solution for clean hands. Partner your BGH Hand Sanitiser with our specially designed Self Fill Atomiser Bottles available in 100ml and 250ml, ensuring a fine mist for even application. Don't let drying time slow you down. The liquid formula of BGH Hand Sanitiser dries quicker than gel, freeing you to focus on what truly matters—your activity. What's Included: 1 x 5 Litre jerry can of BGH Sports Hand Sanitiser


  • Save -94% BGH Club hand Sanitiser Pack 250 - Essential Hygiene

    Big Game Hunters BGH Club Sanitiser Pack 250

    The Ultimate Sanitising Solution for Sports Clubs: As sports activities resume, ensure your club meets the highest hygiene standards with BGH Cclub hand sanitiser Pack 250.Developed by Big Germ Hunters, this WHO-approved hand sanitiser is designed for efficiency and economy, with a longer-lasting liquid formula. EN1500 & EN1276 Certified: Providing clubs with confidence in their sanitising practices. Easy-to-use liquid format with an atomiser bottle creating a fine mist for optimal coverage and a residue-free experience. Economical: Comes with a 5 Litre Jerry Can and 6 empty 250ml refillable bottles with atomisers. Additional empty bottles and accessories like Jerry can Tap Dispenser and funnels available for purchase.Note: Atomiser bottles are supplied empty.Designed for Athletes: The non-greasy, quick-drying liquid hand sanitiser won't affect your grip or control, perfect for sportsmen and women who rely on precision.Contents: 1 x 5 Litre Jerry Can of Sports Hand Sanitiser 6 x 250ml Refill bottles with atomiser (Supplied empty)


  • Save -94% BGH Club Extra Sanitiser Pack 250 - Sports Ball Shop

    Big Game Hunters BGH Club Extra Sanitiser Pack 250

    Essential Hand Protection for Active Lifestyles Introducing the BGH Club Extra Sanitiser Pack 250, meticulously crafted for athletes and hardworking personnel who demand a robust hand hygiene solution. The non-sticky, fast-drying hand rub ensures uncompromised safety and convenience. BGH - Tailored for Sports and Work Formulated with 65% alcohol and infused with natural essential oils like Citronellol, Eugenol, and Geroniol, the BGH hand rub promises a generous spread, minimal usage, and retention of skin's moisture. It's a trusty companion for sports like rugby, netball, and football, as well as for professionals including builders and electricians. Optimized Packaging for Extended Hygiene The package includes a 5 litre jerry can and 20 refillable 250ml Atomiser Bottles, optimizing usage and ensuring long-lasting protection. Couple it with a handy Jerry Can Tap Dispenser, and experience unmatched hand sanitising efficiency.


  • Save -88% 12 x BGH 100ml Sports Sanitiser Pack | Sports Ball Shop

    Big Game Hunters 12 x BGH 100ml Sports Sanitiser Full Bottles

    Optimal Protection for Athletes: Introducing the BGH 100ml Sports Sanitiser Pack, now available in a convenient 12-bottle pack. Ideal for individual player use. Best Value & Effective: With a cost-effective pricing at less than 50p per bottle, it's our top seller. Certified with 65% alcohol, these sanitiser bottles meet all WHO standards. Designed for Sports: Perfect for both hands and equipment, our non-greasy, residue-free formula ensures rapid drying and longevity. Refillable with our 5-litre options.



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