Dodgeball Buying Guide

The game of Dodgeball first began in the United States of America. The game is played by two teams of players who have to try and knock opposition players out by hitting them with a thrown ball, whilst making sure they are not hit themselves. Teams should be made up of a maximum of 6 players which is to include a minimum of 2 female players at the start of the game.

Typically the game of Dodgeball is played on a court which is a bit smaller than a volleyball court which has a centre line and two sidelines. Starting with six balls on the centre line which are split into two groups of 3 the game is started with all players at the back of the court touching the wall. The game is started and you rush to grab the balls - you can only take the balls to your right in the first initial rush. You must not step over the centre line or the side lines, if you do then you are out.

When you are out you line up on the side of the court in the order you were knocked out, then if one of your players catches the ball from an opposition throw one of your teammates is allowed back on to the court, but you can only come back on to the court in the order of who went off first. The game is played at a fast pace and so you are only able to hold on to a ball for 10 seconds before you must make your throw. If you hold the ball for longer than 10 seconds then it becomes a dead ball and must be rolled to the opposition.

The winning team is the last team with any players still on court. If it comes down to one player left per team they have 10 seconds to get each other out. If this does not happen it is what is called a showdown. The game is paused and each player gets 2 balls, these are lined up on the centre line and the centre line is effectively dissolved. The first player to get the other player out is deemed the winner.

Dodgeball is a fast growing sport here within the UK and there are many clubs up and down the country, so regardless of age, fitness or ability get in touch with your local team and get playing.

If you need assistance in locating you local club or any events you may want to contact the UK Dodgeball Association as they have links to all the clubs throughout the United Kingdom.


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