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    Grays Grays Hockey Ball Bag

    Introducing the Grays Hockey Ball Bag - your perfect companion for storing and transporting up to 36 hockey or cricket balls with effortless ease! Designed for durability, it features a full zip for convenient access and a padded reinforced carry strap for comfortable transit. Discover unmatched quality and convenience with Sports Ball Shop's essential equipment. Hockey Ball Buying Guide & Caring For Your Hockey Ball - Find all the tips you need to select and maintain your equipment right here!


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    Grays Grays Hockey Facemask

    Protect Yourself on the Field: Invest in the Grays Hockey Facemask available at Sports Ball Shop. Don't compromise on safety during games or training. High-Quality Material: Made of high impact-resistant polycarbonate shell with dual density foam padding ensures comfort and protection.Size Options: Whether you're a senior or junior player, we've got the fit for you. And with an adjustable design, a perfect fit is guaranteed.Club Compliance: Meet safety norms with a personal facemask. No need to share, as we've priced them for every player's budget.Color Choices: Choose between a sleek Clear or vibrant Orange to match your style.Protect your face without compromising visibility or comfort - buy your Grays Hockey Facemask today!

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  • Save -33% Grays Umpire Cards - Essential Accessories for Officials

    Grays Grays Umpire Cards

    A vital tool for any game official, the Grays Umpire Cards set includes three warning cards stored in a divided wallet for immediate access. Three durable plastic warning cards Handy divided wallet for efficient card management Included match detail forms for comprehensive game supervision


  • Save -14% Grays Astrotech hockey balls 1 Dozen - Sports Ball Shop

    Grays Grays Astrotech 1 Dozen Ball Pack

    Grays Astrotech 1 Dozen Ball Pack: Elevate your hockey essentials with the premier Grays Astrotech ball pack. Ideal for clubs, schools, or coaches, this set includes 12 high-quality Astrotech hockey balls and a dedicated Grays Astrotech hockey balls. Select your preferred ball color from classic white, vibrant orange, or striking yellow. The robust bag accommodates up to 36 hockey balls, ensuring ample space for expansion. Reviews highlight the durability and convenience the Grays pack offers.


  • Save -35% Grays Goalshooter Hockey Training Target at Sports Ball Shop

    Grays Grays Goalshooter Top Bin Target

    Enhance Your Precision with Grays Goalshooter Hockey Training Target Sharpen your scoring prowess with the Grays Goalshooter Top Bin Target. A must-have accessory for hockey enthusiasts and professionals alike, it effortlessly adapts to a variety of goals. Each side, measuring 60cm x 60cm, is equipped with a quick-release velcro, allowing for swift and seamless attachment. The design includes a built-in net to retain balls, enabling a tally of successful shots during practice. The velcro strap offers additional placement versatility, ensuring that the Goalshooter stays secure on metal frames or netting. With this invaluable tool, strikers can enhance their focus and improve their accuracy efficiently. Whether you're aiming for the upper corners or setting up for dual-side practice, the Grays Goalshooter adapts to your needs. Transport and storage are made convenient with an included mesh bag, featuring a drawstring closure and a shoulder strap for ease of carry.


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    Grays Grays Indoor Hockey Balls

    Grays Indoor Hockey Balls Discover the unmatched quality of Grays Indoor Hockey Balls, crafted from premium PVC for optimal performance. Choose from a vibrant palette of colors including white, orange, and yellow. Whether for training sessions or competitive matches, these hockey balls are the go-to choice for athletes who seek reliability and durability. Elevate your game with Grays - the mark of excellence in indoor hockey equipment.


Grays Hockey Balls
Grays hockey was first started back in 1855 by world rackets champion, H J Gray. He led the company and grew it into one that had a growing reputation for design technology and quality products.

In 1941, Grays purchased the well known and respected hockey manufacturer, Hazells. At this point they invested in new plant and machinery to help grow their quality and brand. At their Cambridge factory, they were able to lay the foundations of the company that we know and respect today.

Grays are proud to have a comprehensive range of balls, to ensure they have a hockey ball that is suitable for any type of surface or quality of play.


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