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    Lusum Lusum Optio Training Netball Twin Pack

    Lusum Optio Training Netball Twin Pack The Lusum Optio Netball is an excellent value ball which uses a superior rubber outer with a maximum grip configuration which gives the players the best grip in all weather conditions. We have created this handy two ball pack which is ideal for clubs, schools and individuals alike. This set offers you two balls with a heavy duty duffle bag which is ideal for storing and transporting the balls to and from the court. With breathable mesh panels it allows the air to get round the balls when they are damp and allow them to dry. The Optio Balls are 100% hand stitched and have an advanced 'Hi Tech' bladder and are available in size 4 and 5.


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    Lusum Lusum Optio Training Netball

    High-Quality Training Netball: The Lusum Optio Netball is designed for top performance, featuring a superior rubber surface for the ultimate grip in all weather conditions. Optimal Sizes: Tailored for clubs and schools, this netball is available in sizes 4 and 5, catering to players of all ages and skill levels. Advanced Features: Equipped with the 'Air Lock Hi Tech' latex bladder for consistent air retention and meticulously hand-stitched for unparalleled skill enhancement. Enhanced Visibility: The striking colour scheme and design provide excellent peripheral vision, ensuring the ball is highly visible in various lighting situations.


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    Lusum Lusum Optio Netball 5 Ball Pack with Bag

    Lusum Optio Netball 5 Ball Pack with BagThe Lusum Optio netball has been expertly crafted for clubs and schools, offering an unparalleled solution for team sports. This exclusive pack includes five high-quality netballs accompanied by a robust 5 ball bag, designed for optimal durability and ease of transport. Advanced Hi Tech Bladder for consistent performance 100% Hand Stitched precision for long-lasting use Triple-layered Cotton Canvas with Polyester Viscose for unmatched quality Striking Colour Scheme to enhance Peripheral Vision under any conditions Available in Size 4 and Size 5 to cater to different age groups and levels Meets Official Size and Weight standards for professional gameplay Securing the Lusum Optio Netball 5 Ball Pack is a strategic choice for those seeking reliability and performance on the court. Purchase yours today at Sports Ball Shop.


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    Lusum 10 x Lusum Optio Netballs with a Bag and Netball Bibs

    This essential Lusum Optio netball pack is perfect for school and club teams, including 10 match-grade netballs, a sturdy ball bag, and 7 professional netball bibs in two color options and sizes.


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    Lusum 10 x Lusum Optio Netballs and Bag

    10 x Lusum Optio Netballs and Bag The Lusum Optio netball set is a top choice for educational institutions and sports clubs seeking high-quality equipment at an honest price. This premium netball package ensures your team is well-equipped for practice and matches. Netballs are industry-standard sizes 4 and 5, catering to a range of age groups and levels. Same high-quality materials and craftsmanship as leading brands without the expensive marketing markups. Three-layer lamination with cotton canvas and polyester viscose for durability and performance. Includes a hi-tech bladder for optimal air retention and consistent bounce. The value pack contains 10 Lusum Optio netballs and a robust Lusum breathable heavy duty netball bag for easy transport and storage. Equip your team with the Lusum Optio netballs and witness the improvement in their game. Secure this unbeatable deal exclusively at the Sports Ball Shop today!


Lusum Netballs
Lusum have created a bit of a stir in recent years by manufacturing high quality balls without the marketing costs. Lusum do not pay sponsorships to clubs, players or leagues which ensures the money spent on the ball is directly related to the cost of that ball, making the Lusum range up to 25% cheaper than other brands.

Lusum netballs are designed to be eye catching and functional. The netball range is being developed to give improved peripheral vision for the user and to be of a quality that can be used in matches as well as training.


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