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    To encourage young bowlers to think about their grip, when training, it would be ideal if you had a tennis ball with a built in seam. The Allplay ball from Readers has just that. The ball is similar to a tennis ball in design but has a slightly raised seam to ensure your bowlers, actually think about their finger position when training. The Allplay ball comes in boxes of six. These come as a pack of six different coloured balls red, white, green. yellow, blue and orange.


Tennis Cricket Balls
A great way to coach cricket skills, be it batting or bowling, is to use a tennis cricket ball. These balls are designed to give a slower bounce to ensure the player has a fraction of a second longer to get into position to play their shots.

Bowlers find them useful as the built in seams give them the feel and appearance of a normal cricket ball. Choose from our Allplay 6 pack or buy individuall balls from leading manufacturers Slazenger, Kookaburra, Readers and Gunn & Moore. The red tennis balls are very popular with cricket coaches and the seam helps develop bowlers young and old.

The GM First Ball and the Readers Allplay both have built in seams, the Slaz Ball has a marked seam and the Kookaball is slightly heavier that the others.


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