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  • Save -38% Buy Lusum 225mm Collapsible Safety Cones - Sports Ball Shop

    Lusum 12 x Lusum 225mm Collapsible Safety Cones

    Premium Quality: The Lusum Collapsible Safety Cones are a blend of durability and safety. Made to endure any sport and any weather while ensuring player safety.Versatile & Durable: Comes in a handy 12-pack with 3 colors, and boasts a stable and heavy build. Ideal for sports, parking, and even motorcycle training.Safety First: The collapsible design prevents injury, making it a smart choice for any active setting. Adaptable with ground securing options for a reliable setup.


  • Save -50% Lusum 10 Pack Flat Round Marker Discs Lusum Sports Ball Shop

    Lusum Lusum 10 Pack Flat Round Marker Discs

    Enhance your training with the Lusum 10 Pack of Flat Round Marker Discs, now available at the Sports Ball Shop. These non-slip discs are perfect for a variety of surfaces, including astro pitches and indoor spaces.Each 200mm diameter disc features a dual-textured design, with a smooth side for easy placement and a raised pimpled profile for increased grip. The convenient centre hole simplifies pickup after exercises. The set includes: 2 Navy blue markers 2 White markers 2 Red markers 2 Orange markers 2 Yellow markers All neatly packed in a durable Lusum bag for easy transportation and storage. Shop now and elevate your training sessions!


  • Save -33% Lusum 20 Flat Round Marker Discs Lusum Sports Ball Shop

    Lusum Lusum 20 Flat Round Marker Discs

    Lusum 20 Flat Round Marker Discs Optimal Training Equipment: Elevate your sports training sessions with the Lusum 20 Flat Round Marker Discs. This top-tier pack includes 20 non-slip, assorted coloured discs, impeccably stored in a robust zipped carry bag. Unmatched Quality: Crafted for longevity, these premium quality discs stand as the pinnacle of sports markers. With a generous 200mm diameter, they're perfectly sized for visibility and efficiency. Ingenious Design for Safety: Our exclusive raised diamond pattern on the underside ensures maximum grip on any surface, preventing unwanted movement, while the sleek top features the Lusum logo. Presented in a heavy-duty bag with a mesh view panel, convenience meets durability in this essential equipment set. 4 x Blue markers 4 x White markers 4 x Red markers 4 x Yellow markers 4 x Orange markers 1 x Lusum heavy-duty storage bag Adaptable & Versatile: Each disc weighs approximately 85g and is more malleable than other brands, ensuring a flawless fit on any flat surface. Whether for practice or competitive play, these markers are indispensable for any athlete or coach.


  • Save -37% Lusum Rectangular Markers Lusum Sports Ball Shop

    Lusum Lusum Rectangular Markers

    Product InformationDiscover the Lusum Rectangular Markers Sport, an essential tool for coaches, sports enthusiasts, and trainers to delineate spaces efficiently. Available in a versatile pack of 20, these markers are offered in 5 vibrant colors, each contributing to the clear visibility on various surface hues. Constructed for durability, these markers boast a robust rubber composition that adheres closely to the ground, mitigating the risk of trips and ensuring player safety. The uniquely textured surface on both sides of each marker ensures excellent grip, regardless of the playing field's conditions. Each marker, measuring 35cm by 8cm and with a thickness of 3mm, is designed for maximum functionality without compromising on quality. The set is accompanied by a practical mesh storage bag equipped with a secure drawstring closure, facilitating easy transportation and neat organization. Being a top-tier choice for quality and utility, the Lusum Rectangular Marker set stands out as the market-leading option for those seeking reliable and visible marking solutions. Reviews


  • Save -28% Buy Lusum Telescopic Poles Set for Agility Training

    Lusum Lusum Telescopic Poles Set

    Lusum Telescopic Poles Set The Lusum Telescopic Poles Set, designed for versatile agility training, is ideal for athletes of any sport requiring quick-footed precision. These adjustable poles are highly recommended for enhancing your dribbling runs and dynamic changes in direction. Traditional agility poles can be cumbersome to transport. Our telescopic poles collapse conveniently, making them effortless to store and transport, fitting into most car boots with ease. The Lusum Telescopic Poles Set includes 12 adjustable poles with sturdy ground spikes for outdoor use, paired with a durable canvas carry bag for your convenience. Adjust the poles smoothly from 90 cm to 170 cm to fit your training needs and store them compactly when not in use. With a diameter of 34mm, these poles are robust for repeated use. Please note, while these poles are outstanding for outdoor use, they are not suitable for indoor spaces due to the spiked base. However, they can be adapted for indoor training with the addition of rubber bases (sold separately). Enhance your training arsenal with the Lusum Telescopic Poles Set—your tool for next-level agility.


  • Save -20%Low stock! Precision Training Collapsible Cones - Set of 4 9 cones Precision Training Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Precision Training Collapsible Cones - Set of 4 9" cones

    Master your sports training with the durable Precision Training Collapsible Cones. Expertly designed to withstand pressure, these cones effortlessly collapse and spring back into shape. Bright hues for enhanced visibility during drills. Convenient set of 4, perfect for coaches and trainers. Versatile for any sport, including soccer, football, and track events. Select from available sizes to match your training needs: 9" Cones - Only 3.99 per set of 4 12" Cones - Just 5.99 per set of 4 15" Cones - A great deal at 7.99 per set of 4 Visit Sports Ball Shop today to enhance your training equipment inventory.

    £5.99 - £7.99

  • Save -16%Low stock! Precision Training Flat Round Markers Precision Training Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Precision Training Flat Round Markers

    Precision Training Flat Round Markers are ideal for marking out training sessions indoors and outdoors. Pack of 10 markers per colour. Available in Orange, Yellow or White.Diameter of the disc is 10" or 255mm.


  • Save -26%Low stock! Precision Training Sprung Corner Flags Set Of 4 Precision Training Sports Ball Shop

    Precision Training Precision Training Sprung Corner Flags Set Of 4

    Precision Training Sprung Corner Flags: Essential Training Equipment Optimize your sports training sessions with the robust Precision Training SPRUNG Corner Flags. This essential set of 4 is perfect for demarcating boundaries and ensuring an engaging, effective training ground. Includes 4 vibrant yellow sprung corner posts designed for flexibility and durability. Accompanied by 4 high-visibility red flags to mark the pitch clearly. Integrated spring mechanism at the base, preventing kinks and breaks upon impact. Ground spike feature for easy and secure insertion into any playing field. Comes with a convenient storage bag for transportation and preservation. Whether for amateur or professional training, the Precision Training Sprung Corner Flags Set is your ideal companion to enhance the precision and structure of your drills. Elevate your game with Sports Ball Shop's top-notch equipment today!


  • Save -44% Space Marker Cones 10 Pack Sports Ball Shop Sports Ball Shop

    Space Marker Cones 10 Pack

    Enhance Your Training with our Space Marker Cones 10 Pack Maximize your sports training with our Space Marker Cones 10 Pack. Engineered for durability and practicality, these vibrant yellow cones are highly visible and perfect for marking boundaries and setting up training drills. Durable Material: Each cone is crafted to withstand rigorous training sessions. Compact Size: With an 18cm diameter and 5cm height, they're ideal for various drills without taking up too much space. Versatile Use: Whether you're at school, a club, or in your own garden, these cones are suited for any training environment. Don't settle for less – equip yourself with the right sports training equipment. Get your pack of 10 Space Marker Cones today from Sports Ball Shop.


We stock an extensive range of cones, space markers, discs round and rectangular for marking out sports pitches or for use as guides for training.

The raised space marker cones can be used in all sports. The flat markers are great for use when a target is required and are often used by coaches in tennis and cricket.


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