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  • Save -18% Wilson OPTX AVP Replica Volleyball

    Wilson Wilson OPTX AVP Replica Volleyball

    If you are looking for a vibrant volleyball for use on the beach then this Wilson OPTX AVP Beach Volleyball is the ball you are looking for. It's colours of black, orange and yellow have been tested against a variety of skylines and was proven to offer the best visuals. The ball is textured and constructed with a premium composite leather outer material. The graphics on this volleyball are designed to give the players improved visibility to detect the spin on the ball. The replica ball uses the same construction methods as the original AVP volleyball so, you can expect the same signature Wilson performance. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use at home or on the beach.


  • Save -20% Wilson Super Soft Play Volleyball

    Wilson Wilson Super Soft Play Volleyball

    The Wilson Super Soft Play Volleyball is one of our favourite volleyballs. The look and feel of this ball is stylish and one of our best selling balls. The soft play volleyball has a sponge backed synthetic leather cover which gives a premium touch. The butyl bladder gives better air retention too. This ball is constructed using an 18 panel construction and is machine stitched. It is suitable for use in the garden or on the beach and is a very durable volleyball for outdoor use. The Wilson Super Soft Play Volleyball is currently available in green and purple and is supplied deflated for shipment.


Wilson have a long tradition of producing high quality volleyballs which are suitable for all levels of the game. Indoor, outdoor and beach volleyballs are available and are ideal for school and club use. Best known for it's range of basketballs, golf, american footballs and baseballs, Wilson uses the skills learn't from producing these balls and apply the same quality controls and expertise to produce some of the best volleyballs available.

In a range of colours, styles and qualities, you are sure to find a Wilson volleyball for your school or club.


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