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The Club Sponsorship Guide

Hockey Ball Buying Guide

There are many different Manufacturers of Hockey balls, many different types of ball and many different styles of ball. There are also many different price points for each ball too. It can be very confusing, at the outset.

Lets start with the Brands:-

Kookaburra, Slazenger, Lusum, Readers and Grays are hockey brands we currently stock. With Brabo, TK, Mercian, Malik,and Adidas also on the market.

There are many more and as you can see a vast choice. It has been said that many of these balls are made in the same factories anyway, just branded differently. The hockey balls we stock are high quality and usually in stock year round.

Types of balls:-

Match balls, Training balls, Smooth balls, Dimple balls, Coloured balls and Lightweight balls.

The ball that is most commonly used is the Dimple training ball. The Match Dimple ball is obviously used for matches. The common thought is the Dimpled ball is best but, expert advice shows the smooth ball can react better on sand based astro pitches. The Dimpled ball was originally designed by Kookaburra for use on water based pitches. Its design was to allow the ball to run smoother on the water based pitches.

The choice as to which colour to use tend to open up a lot of debate too. White, Pink, Yellow or Orange. I am of the belief that White is still the best colour to use, as you are able to see to ball in different light conditions. It is important you wash your Hockey balls regularly to maintain there primary colour. The lightweight ball is designed, generally for use with younger players.

Price ranges from £2.00 up to £15 for training balls and £5 to £25 for good match balls.

Most training hockey balls have a hollow core and care must be taken when used in extreme cold conditions. The more expensive balls tend to have a core centre ensuring they are more suitable for Winter use.

Mini hockey balls are the same size as standard balls but are lighter in weight. Typically a standard hockey ball will weigh around 162g but a mini such as the Kookaburra Fury Mini ball weighs approximately 104g