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  • Save -33% BGH Sanitiser Funnel 100mm

    Big Game Hunters BGH Sanitiser Funnel 100mm

    The BGH Sanitiser Funnel 100mm is a heavy duty funnel with a mouth opening of 100mm and a spout diameter of 13mm. It stands at 11cm high. The spout length is 5cm and tapers from 13mm to 20mm. A versatile and great value option to assist decanting the Big Germ Hunter 5 litre jerry cans into the smaller refill bottles. What's in the Box 1 x BGH funnel


  • Save -94% BGH Hand Sanitiser 5 Litre

    Big Game Hunters BGH Hand Sanitiser 5 Litre

    Not all hand sanitisers are the same, the guys at Big Germ Hunters have created a fantastic hand sanitiser that is perfect for situations where you need to use your hands. Whether you play sport, work in a warehouse, shop or building site, your hands need to be free from grease but fully protected from harmful bacteria.This pack contains 5 litres of Big Germ Hunters Hand Sanitiser which kills 99.9% of bacteria and is RESIDUE FREE, GREASE FREE, QUICK DRYING and as it is a liquid it lasts longer than gels. The BGH Hand Sanitiser meets all World Health Organization (WHO) standards and has full EN1500 and EN1276 approval. This Sanitiser liquid works best with our Self Fill Atomiser Bottles which are available in 100ml and 250ml sizes. The atomiser emits a fine spray which is applied to one hand and then rub your hands together to ensure both hands are protected. Buying in bulk allows you to refill your own bottles too as long as they have an atomiser lid. You no longer need to wait a few minutes for your hands to dry as this sanitiser dries quicker than gel too. What's in the Box 1 x 5 Litre jerry can of Sports Hand Sanitiser


  • Save -94% BGH Club Extra Sanitiser Pack 250

    Big Game Hunters BGH Club Extra Sanitiser Pack 250

    The Big Germ Hunters hand sanitiser has been specially formulated for sportsmen, sportswomen and manual workers who need to use their hands and stay safe. Gone are the days when your hands are covered in a sticky gel as the BGH sanitiser is a hand rub that covers more surface area whilst using less of the product. The results are this hand sanitiser lasts longer than the gel version and is just as effective at killing 99.9% of bacteria. The BGH sanitiser is in liquid form and contains 65% Alcohol, which is the perfect ratio to protect your hands whilst also maintaining the natural balance of moisturising properties within the hands. Other components of this hand sanitiser include Citronellol which is a natural product found in roses and pelargonium geraniums, Eugenol which is an aromatic oil found in nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, basil and bay leaf, and Geroniol. When sportsmen and women need to use their hands in sports such as rugby, netball, basketball, tennis, table tennis and football, they need to be able to trust the sanitiser works and doesn't leave their hands with any kind of residue. The Big Germ Hunters hand sanitiser is grease free, residue free and incredibly fast drying. These are properties also required by builders, joiners, plumbers, electricians and warehouse workers too. This pack includes 1 x 5 litre jerry can of hand sanitiser and 20 x 250ml Atomiser Bottles (Supplied Empty). The atomiser bottles are amazing and allow the user to use far less product that normal, whilst retaining the sanitising properties required. To use you spray twice to the front and back of one hand and then rub your hands together, ensuring you also apply between your fingers. Your hands are then protected from 99.9% of Harmful bacteria and you have use far less than if using a gel. To ensure you fill your atomiser bottles quickly and cleanly, why not add a Jerry Can Tap Dispenser too.


  • Save -72% 4 x BGH 100ml Sports Sanitiser

    Garden Games 4 x BGH 100ml Sports Sanitiser

    The Big Germ Hunters Sports and Hand sanitiser has been accepted by most clubs that use it, as the best sanitiser on the market today. It is fast drying, residue free and grease free too. This pack is for those that want to try the sanitiser out before buying a bulk pack for the club or business. This pack contains 4 x 100ml bottles which are filled with the Big Germ Hunters sanitiser. Each bottle comes fitted with a fine spray atomiser which ensures you use less but still gives 100% coverage. The sanitiser is WHO approved and we have a number of EN certificates of approval. It kills 99.9% of bacteria and has a pleasing citronella aroma. It is manufactured to be the optimum sanitiser for sports clubs and businesses that need the best sanitiser for their players and employees.


  • Save -94% BGH Club Sanitiser Pack 250

    Big Game Hunters BGH Club Sanitiser Pack 250

    Clubs across the country are preparing to return to sport or already have, all will be aware of the increased responsibility that clubs will need to adhere to, to conform with the current safeguarding directives. These will vary from sport to sport but clubs will need to provide a certain level of hand sanitiser within and around the club facilities. Big Germ Hunters have developed a hand sanitiser specifically for club use as it is a liquid rather than a gel so, lasts longer giving the club better value for money. The BGH hand sanitiser conforms to WHO standards as well as having full EN1500 and EN1276 approval. Most people who use hand sanitiser in gel form use too much and it can leave your hands slightly tacky for a short while. The Big Germ Hunters hand sanitiser is in liquid form and when used with the 250ml self fill atomiser bottle creates a fine mist. The user directs this on to one hand and then rubs the hands together to give full protection against germs. In fact this BGH sanitiser kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria and is residue free, grease free and quick drying. If your club need more empty bottles they are available separately in packs of 20 or more. To fill the 250ml bottles we recommend using either the BGH Jerry can Tap Dispenser or one of our funnels as both fit the neck of the sanitiser bottles. Please note the 6 bottles in this pack are supplied empty. This really is the best type of hand sanitiser for sportsmen and women who need to use their hands, as it doesn't compromise grip and control. What's in the Box 1 x 5 Litre Jerry Can of Sports Hand Sanitiser 6 x 250ml Refill bottles with atomiser (Supplied empty) Reviews


  • Save -53% BGH Jerry Can Tap Dispenser

    Big Game Hunters BGH Jerry Can Tap Dispenser

    The BGH Tap Dispenser fits perfectly onto our 5ltr jerry cans to give you the easiest way to refill your atomiser bottles. This tap can be used to fill both of our 100ml and 250ml bottles. The tap is easy to fit and when the jerry can is empty, just unscrew and fit onto a new can. This tap can be used time after time and makes filling bottles so simple and mess free. These taps are suitable for the simple, clean and quick decanting of fluids. The chamfered outlet spout also fits into narrow threaded necks. The spout neck measures 13mm in width and the screw cap is a DIN51 thread with a cap size of 55mm and fits our BGH 5ltr Jerry Cans What's in the Box 1 x Jerry can Tap Dispenser


  • Save -88% 20 x BGH Empty 250ml Atomiser Bottles

    Big Game Hunters 20 x BGH Empty 250ml Atomiser Bottles

    These handy 250ml Atomiser Bottles are used to dispense the Big Germ Hunters Hand Sanitiser. The clear bottles arrive empty so you can fill as required. Each bottle is supplied with a screw top atomiser dispenser which emits a fine spray to ensure your hand sanitiser liquid lasts longer. The bottle also has a snap close lid to avoid any unwanted uses during transit. The EMPTY bottles are suppled as a pack of 20 and include the atomiser dispensers, with each bottle capable of holding up to 250ml of hand sanitiser liquid. Easy to fill when using our funnel or Jerry Can Tap so you can ensure every member of your squad and back room staff have a bottle to hand. Not suitable for hand gel. What's in the Box 20 x 250ml Refill bottles with atomiser (Supplied empty) Reviews


  • Save -29% Hygiene Face Mask

    Big Game Hunters Hygiene Face Mask

    We never thought we would see the day when sporting bodies are suggesting that clubs should consider giving their club coaches and management teams a face mask to use during their sessions. Sadly this is the time we live in and the clubs and coaches have the added expense of this vital piece of kit. We are offering this face mask at a price that is affordable but doesn't skimp on quality. These masks are sold in singles or in bulk quantites to suit the individual or the club buyer. They are manufactured from 100% polyester and are designed for non-medical purposes.They are constructed with a 2 layer system with a breathable mesh fabric. They are reusable and ideally should be washed after each use. They are comfortable to wear and have a stretchable ear loop and are designed to offer you protection from others whilst also, offering protection of others from you. If you would like to buy in bulk, we have a big discount structure built into our prices for 500 and 1000 face masks. Should you want more please email us for a quote.


  • Save -88% 12 x BGH 100ml Sports Sanitiser Full Bottles

    Big Game Hunters 12 x BGH 100ml Sports Sanitiser Full Bottles

    Many clubs asked us to supply bottles in smaller volume so the players could have their own individual bottle. The result is this fantastic 100ml pack of sports sanitiser which now comes as a pack of 12 full bottles, which works out at less than 50p per bottle. This has already become one of our best selling products as clubs prepare for their return to action or for clubs looking to top up and give their players the very best protection. The pack contains 12 x 100ml bottles of Big Germ Hunters sports sanitiser, which is proven to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria. The sanitiser is 65% alcohol based and meets all WHO standards and has full EN1500 and EN1276 approval. PLEASE NOTE - We have worked with the manufacturer to produce the most effective sports sanitiser and the percentage of alcohol used in our sanitiser gives the optimum protection. In fact it is a myth that a higher alcohol content gives better protection as sanitiser needs to have a percentage of fat (as does soap) to break down the bacteria walls, it is at this point the alcohol can kill the bacteria present. The WHO states that a minimum percentage of 60% is required to work effectively. If you choose a sanitiser with a higher alcohol volume, there may not be enough fat in the product to break down the bacteria walls. The BGH sports sanitiser is specially designed for use on hands and sports equipment, as it is fast drying, grease free and residue free. Another advantage is this sanitiser is a liquid and lasts much longer than gel and the atomiser emits the finest of sprays, making this the best value sanitiser available for clubs. The 100ml bottles can be refilled with our Big Germ Hunters 5 litre jerry cans should you need more sanitiser.


With the latest government regulations changing from week to week, one thing we are all getting used to is the need to be more aware of personal hygiene and our safety. Sports bodies are issuing their own directives and are trying to comply. One thing any club must ensure, is the safety of your players, coaches and support staff. We have developed a high quality Hand Sanitiser that complies with the latest findings and kills up to 99.9% bacteria and is the easiest to use on the market. Our values are to play more and play safe, our range of sports hygiene products aim to help you achieve this goal. Suitable for clubs of all sizes and as with all of the listings on Sportsballshop, we also offer bulk buy discounts across the whole Sports Hygiene range.


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