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  • Save -94% Buy BGH Hand Sanitiser 5 Litre - Sports Ball Shop Online

    Big Game Hunters BGH Hand Sanitiser 5 Litre

    BGH Hand Sanitiser 5 Litre for Athletes and Active Workspaces At Sports Ball Shop, we understand the importance of hygiene for those who lead active lives. That's why we're proud to offer the BGH Hand Sanitiser 5 Litre, expertly formulated to meet the needs of athletes and professionals in bustling environments. This high-quality sanitiser isn't just another cleanser; it's a shield against bacteria for people who can't afford to be held back by germs. Kills 99.9% of Bacteria: Trust in BGH's proven effectiveness to eliminate harmful bacteria on your hands. Residue and Grease Free: Forget about sticky residues or greasy feelings. Our sanitiser leaves your hands feeling clean and comfortable. Quick Drying Liquid: Save time with our quick-drying solution, speeding up your routine while maintaining safety. WHO-Approved Standards: BGH sanitiser adheres to rigorous WHO standards, giving you peace of mind with every use. Convenient Bulk Packaging: The 5 Litre jerry can is perfect for refilling atomiser bottles, making it a smart economic choice for frequent users. Suitable for Various Settings: Whether you're on the sports field, a construction site, or in a retail setting, this sanitiser is your go-to solution for clean hands. Partner your BGH Hand Sanitiser with our specially designed Self Fill Atomiser Bottles available in 100ml and 250ml, ensuring a fine mist for even application. Don't let drying time slow you down. The liquid formula of BGH Hand Sanitiser dries quicker than gel, freeing you to focus on what truly matters—your activity. What's Included: 1 x 5 Litre jerry can of BGH Sports Hand Sanitiser


  • Save -33% Buy BGH Sanitiser Funnel 100mm at Sports Ball Shop

    Big Game Hunters BGH Sanitiser Funnel 100mm

    The BGH Sanitiser Funnel 100mm is an essential tool for any maintenance or sanitation task. With its robust design, 100mm mouth opening, and 13mm spout diameter, this funnel is built for heavy-duty use. Standing at a convenient height of 11cm with a spout that tapers from 13mm to 20mm, this funnel ensures a smooth and efficient transfer of liquids. Its spout length of 5cm is perfect for precise decanting, making it a reliable choice for refilling bottles from Big Germ Hunter 5 litre jerry cans. Offering both versatility and value, the BGH Sanitiser Funnel is indispensable for those who demand quality and efficiency. Included in the package is: 1 x BGH Funnel Optimised for practicality and durability, make the BGH Sanitiser Funnel 100mm a part of your toolkit - buy now at Sports Ball Shop.


  • Save -94% BGH Club Extra Sanitiser Pack 250 - Sports Ball Shop

    Big Game Hunters BGH Club Extra Sanitiser Pack 250

    Essential Hand Protection for Active Lifestyles Introducing the BGH Club Extra Sanitiser Pack 250, meticulously crafted for athletes and hardworking personnel who demand a robust hand hygiene solution. The non-sticky, fast-drying hand rub ensures uncompromised safety and convenience. BGH - Tailored for Sports and Work Formulated with 65% alcohol and infused with natural essential oils like Citronellol, Eugenol, and Geroniol, the BGH hand rub promises a generous spread, minimal usage, and retention of skin's moisture. It's a trusty companion for sports like rugby, netball, and football, as well as for professionals including builders and electricians. Optimized Packaging for Extended Hygiene The package includes a 5 litre jerry can and 20 refillable 250ml Atomiser Bottles, optimizing usage and ensuring long-lasting protection. Couple it with a handy Jerry Can Tap Dispenser, and experience unmatched hand sanitising efficiency.


  • Save -72% 4 x BGH 100ml Sports Sanitiser

    Garden Games 4 x BGH 100ml Sports Sanitiser

    The Big Germ Hunters Sports and Hand sanitiser has been accepted by most clubs that use it, as the best sanitiser on the market today. It is fast drying, residue free and grease free too. This pack is for those that want to try the sanitiser out before buying a bulk pack for the club or business. This pack contains 4 x 100ml bottles which are filled with the Big Germ Hunters sanitiser. Each bottle comes fitted with a fine spray atomiser which ensures you use less but still gives 100% coverage. The sanitiser is WHO approved and we have a number of EN certificates of approval. It kills 99.9% of bacteria and has a pleasing citronella aroma. It is manufactured to be the optimum sanitiser for sports clubs and businesses that need the best sanitiser for their players and employees.


  • Save -94% BGH Club hand Sanitiser Pack 250 - Essential Hygiene

    Big Game Hunters BGH Club Sanitiser Pack 250

    The Ultimate Sanitising Solution for Sports Clubs: As sports activities resume, ensure your club meets the highest hygiene standards with BGH Cclub hand sanitiser Pack 250.Developed by Big Germ Hunters, this WHO-approved hand sanitiser is designed for efficiency and economy, with a longer-lasting liquid formula. EN1500 & EN1276 Certified: Providing clubs with confidence in their sanitising practices. Easy-to-use liquid format with an atomiser bottle creating a fine mist for optimal coverage and a residue-free experience. Economical: Comes with a 5 Litre Jerry Can and 6 empty 250ml refillable bottles with atomisers. Additional empty bottles and accessories like Jerry can Tap Dispenser and funnels available for purchase.Note: Atomiser bottles are supplied empty.Designed for Athletes: The non-greasy, quick-drying liquid hand sanitiser won't affect your grip or control, perfect for sportsmen and women who rely on precision.Contents: 1 x 5 Litre Jerry Can of Sports Hand Sanitiser 6 x 250ml Refill bottles with atomiser (Supplied empty)


  • Save -53% BGH Jerry Can Tap Dispenser from Sports Ball Shop - 5ltr

    Big Game Hunters BGH Jerry Can Tap Dispenser

    Optimize Refilling with BGH Tap DispenserDesigned for seamless attachment on 5ltr jerry cans, the BGH Tap Dispenser is your solution for hassle-free refilling of atomiser bottles. Engineered for multiple uses, this tap dispenser promises an intuitive operation for both our 100ml and 250ml bottles.Durable and Easy-to-UseThis indispensable accessory simplifies the process of fitting and using – unscrew from an empty can, and attach to a new one effortlessly. Aimed at ensuring a clean and spill-free bottle filling experience, our tap is indispensable for quick decanting.Universal CompatibilityThe precisely chamfered outlet spout is tailored to fit into narrow threaded necks, making it a versatile tool for a variety of dispensing needs. With a spout neck of 13mm and a DIN51 screw cap of 55mm, it offers perfect compatibility with BGH 5ltr Jerry Cans.Package ContentsYour purchase includes:1 x Jerry Can Tap DispenserEmbrace efficiency and cleanliness with the BGH Jerry Can Tap Dispenser, available now at Sports Ball Shop.


  • Save -88% Bulk Buy 20 Empty 250ml Atomiser Bottles at Sports Ball Shop

    Big Game Hunters 20 x BGH Empty 250ml Atomiser Bottles

    Optimize hand sanitiser usage with these Empty 250ml Atomiser Bottles from Sports Ball Shop, designed to evenly dispense Big Germ Hunters Hand Sanitiser. Arriving empty for effortless filling, each bottle in this 20-pack features a reliable screw top atomiser that delivers a precise spray, extending the life of your sanitiser liquid.  Clear bottles for easy monitoring of sanitiser levels. Includes snap close lid for secure transport and storage. 20-pack ensures ample supply for teams and staff. Compatible with funnel or Jerry Can Tap for spill-free refilling. Not intended for hand gel use.  Included in Each Order: 20 x Empty 250ml Bottles equipped with atomiser dispensers. Efficient sanitiser dispensing solution for sports organizations.  Discover the ease and convenience of these empty atomiser bottles ideal for any group setting. Keep your team safe and sanitised with Sports Ball Shop.


  • Save -29% Sports Face Mask for Sports Coaches - Sports Ball Shop

    Big Game Hunters Hygiene Face Mask

    Hygiene Face Mask for Coaches and Teams Amid unprecedented times, Sports Ball Shop stands with sporting clubs by providing high-quality Hygiene Face Masks at affordable prices. Designed for daily sessions, our masks ensure an added layer of protection for club coaches and management teams. Available both in single units and bulk quantities, these masks cater to individual preferences as well as club requirements. Crafted with 100% polyester, they are non-medical but offer a firm 2-layer defense. The breathable mesh fabric increases comfort during extended use and the masks are reusable—simply wash after each session. Their design includes a stretchable ear loop, ensuring a snug fit while providing safeguarding against droplets. Ideal for sporting environments, they help to protect against transmission in both directions. Clubs seeking to purchase in volume can benefit from our significant discounts on orders of 500 to 1000 masks. For larger or custom orders, our team is ready to provide tailored quotations. Don't let safety be a concern—equip your sporting team with the right protection. Order your Hygiene Face Masks today!


  • Save -88% 12 x BGH 100ml Sports Sanitiser Pack | Sports Ball Shop

    Big Game Hunters 12 x BGH 100ml Sports Sanitiser Full Bottles

    Optimal Protection for Athletes: Introducing the BGH 100ml Sports Sanitiser Pack, now available in a convenient 12-bottle pack. Ideal for individual player use. Best Value & Effective: With a cost-effective pricing at less than 50p per bottle, it's our top seller. Certified with 65% alcohol, these sanitiser bottles meet all WHO standards. Designed for Sports: Perfect for both hands and equipment, our non-greasy, residue-free formula ensures rapid drying and longevity. Refillable with our 5-litre options.


With the latest government regulations changing from week to week, one thing we are all getting used to is the need to be more aware of personal hygiene and our safety. Sports bodies are issuing their own directives and are trying to comply. One thing any club must ensure, is the safety of your players, coaches and support staff. We have developed a high quality Hand Sanitiser that complies with the latest findings and kills up to 99.9% bacteria and is the easiest to use on the market. Our values are to play more and play safe, our range of sports hygiene products aim to help you achieve this goal. Suitable for clubs of all sizes and as with all of the listings on Sportsballshop, we also offer bulk buy discounts across the whole Sports Hygiene range.


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