Cricket Banter and Sledging: Our Top 5 Classics

Cricket Banter and Sledging: Our Top 5 Classics

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Banter and sledging are a big part of cricket, from club to professional, it is even evident in youth cricket and i have witnessed 1st hand, under 11’s coming out with classic one liners. When sledging an opponent though it is important to remember the main reason it is done, is to try to cause a loss of concentration in the opponent’s mind but, it can have the opposite effect. Keep it humorous and don’t get personal. If it gets personal the umpires will be obliged to step in and take action.
Many of the best sledges have occurred in The Ashes series between England and Australia. Some of these are too rude to print here, but they are still funny which makes them work best. Here we pick out five of our favourites:
  • Zimbabwe v Australia – Zim were on the verge of a heavy defeat when their rotund number 11, Eddo Brandes came to the crease. Glenn McGrath was becoming more than frustrated with Brandes resistance and asked him “Why are you so fat?” Quick as a flash Brandes replied “Everytime i make love to your wife, she gives me a biscuit”
  • England v Australia – With England captain Nasser Hussain at the crease, Aussie captain Steve Waugh wanted Ricky Ponting to field at silly point and said to him “I want you right under his nose” which got a response from their wicket keeper Ian Healy “That could be anywhere inside a 3 mile radius”. Nasser saw the funny side and burst into laughter. Unfortunately 3 balls later he was out and the sledge had done its job as it clearly broke his concentration.
  • Mark Waugh v James Ormond – Steve Waugh’s brother, Mark was verbally ripping into England’s James Ormond and asked him “What the **** are you doing out here? Surely you are not good enough to play for England?” Ormond replied “Maybe not, but at least I’m the best player in my family”
  • Shane Warne v Daryll Cullinan – Aussie spin legend was at one time, what can only be described as portly. As the South African Cullinan arrived at the crease Warne declared “I have been waiting 2 years for another chance to humiliate you” Cullinan replies “ It looks like you spent it eating” Ouch.
  • Freddie Flintoff v Tino Best – This is a classic and is well worth a watch on You Tube. Tino Best had previously run in to bowl to Freddie without the ball, as the umpire had forgotten to return it to the bowler as the new batsman came out. Flintoff was startled and thought he had lost sight of the ball and was about to be hit, clearly he was not amused. This time he got his revenge. Tino was batting and was looking to bat out the remainder of the game for a draw, Freddie suggested he should be a little more attacking and offered this suggestion to “mind the windows, Tino” and then had a chuckle along with the other close fielders. Tino thought he would show Flintoff and duly danced down the wicket and tried to hit the ball out of the ground. He missed it completely and Geraint Jones stumped him. Tino’s turn not to be happy but, Freddie was having a good old belly laugh and you can his shoulders bounce up and down is laughing so much.
If you have a sledge that you have heard or used, let us know and we will include them in one of our blogs posts later this year.


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