Why has the double bouncer been banned by the ECB?

Why has the double bouncer been banned by the ECB?

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When Warwickshires bowling coach, Graeme Welch, came up with a new bowling delivery, it appeared he had found a way of outwitting even the top batsmen. But, the ECB have expressed their concern over the delivery and (according to The Telegraph) will give a no ball, if delivered, as it is against the spirit of cricket. So what is this new delivery? It is a variation on the bouncer. The bouncer is a short pitched delivery that rises up to the batsman's shoulder height or above. This new delivery is also a short pitched ball but is intended to bounce again before reaching the batsman. The batter would try to block, evade the original bouncer but, would not be expecting the ball to bounce again. He might then leave his stumps exposed or would be liable to but out LBW if the ball is straight. Even if he did manage to get a bat on the ball his time to execute the shot would be greatly reduced, as he would already reacted to the ball, thinking it would be up around his ears. In youth cricket, balls that bounce twice before the batter are called a no ball, already. This is to try to encourage the young players to bowl fuller and more consistently. It is also soul destroying for a young batsman to be bowled by a Cricket Ball that rolls along the ground. So a ball that bounces twice is also banned in adult cricket.........well not entirely. Any competition not under the durestiction of the ECB will allow this delivery because the MCC have given it the thumbs up . So, the IPL and the world 20/20 tournaments are likely to witness this new weapon from the bowler. It is fair that the bowlers experiment , as the batsmen have been playing 'Dilshans', reverse sweeps and lots of other improvised shots so, why not the bowlers? I look forward to its first use on the International stage. Cricket Balls can be delivered in so many variations, surely one more wouldn't hurt?


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